Publix Highlights 4/6-4/12

Here are the best Publix deals this week.  It is a long list with a few good deals.  I am loving Free Wishbone salad dressing and super cheap Green Giant Steamers.  The prices listed in BOGO section are listed at the reduced price. If you see a great deal we missed leave a comment and let us know.

Thanks PassionatePennyPincher for the coupon matchups!

*Please keep in mind that prices listed may vary by region, & coupons listed may not be available in every area.

**Who do you consider a “Competitor”? (ie. Rite-Aid? Dollar General? Walgreens? Target? Food Lion? Harveys?)
**Do you accept $/$$ Coupons from other stores? (ie. $2 off $5 of Produce)
**Will you substitute your house brand with a competitor’s house brand? (ie. $1 off Food Lion Eggs=$1 off Publix Eggs)
**Keep in mind that prices vary from region to region as well as coupon in the Sunday inserts!

This List Has Expired
Health and Beauty
Meat & Produce Deals
Passover Deals


  1. ktr says

    a few months ago i was able to get great mueller’s pasta coupons and now whenever i try there aren’t any available. any clues? very, very frustrating muellers is really the only pasta my family will not complain about.

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