Publix Ad & Coupon Deals 6/1-6/7


Here are the best deals from the Publix weekly ad – starting 6/1.  It is a great week at Publix with lots of good prices.  My favorite deals this week are Dove Ice Cream, Toll House Cookie Dough, and Silk Soymilk.
Thanks passionatepennypincher for the coupon matchups!

**Who do you consider a “Competitor”? (ie. Rite-Aid? Dollar General? Walgreens? Target? Food Lion? Harveys?)
**Do you accept $/$$ Coupons from other stores? (ie. $2 off $5 of Produce)
**Will you substitute your house brand with a competitor’s house brand? (ie. $1 off Food Lion Eggs=$1 off Publix Eggs)
**Keep in mind that prices vary from region to region as well as coupon in the Sunday inserts!
**Read about new Publix Coupon Policy here


This List Has Expired
Meat & Produce
BOGO Deals (price listed is after BOGO sale)
Good Grocery Deals
Good Household Deals


  1. Heidi says

    I’ve asked a couple times at the Publix in Hixson and they always accept expired coupons for me – at least a week expired, sometimes more. I checked to make sure they weren’t just missing it and they verified that they do. Maybe it depends on who you ask, though.

  2. tara says

    The Publix in Ooltewah will take expired coupons for up to a week. I asked about it a couple weeks ago and they send them in on Saturdays so they will take it up until then. However the one In Hixson does not

  3. liz says

    Tried printing the Idahoan potatoes coupon and it expires today…..not sure why since I JUST printed it.

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