Problems Printing Coupons? We’re Here to Help!

I think I mentioned recently that my friend Tessie just started couponing a couple weeks ago. (See her fist trip!)  Well, she finally got a printer as well – but has been having problems printing the Smart Source coupons.  I know this is a problem for LOTS of people – and there is a solution!

Here’s a tutorial we posted previously on Printer Troubleshooting – Read & Enjoy!

And, while we’re on the subject of Browser-related issues, I want to highly recommend any of you who still use Internet Explorer 7, to go ahead and upgrade to Internet Explorer Version 8

Upgrading will make things go more smoothly for you with printing, viewing our website, and using the Printable List on Time2Save.

Let us know if you have any printing tips & tricks to help out all the new faces around here!


  1. kat says

    I am having the exact same problem as blondie – I have the most current version of java installed and no older versions but I can’t get past the spinning s. The strange thing is that it stopped working between prints- I printed one coupon and back arrowed to print a second one – and haven’t been ab
    le to print smartsource coupons since. I’ve missed some great deals because of thi

  2. Wanda Headrick says

    I have a question: What is the best printer to get for saving on ink? I have a HP Photosmart 4280 and it goes through so much ink. Thanks…

  3. blondie says

    I still have problems printing smart source. It says java problems, but I deleted the java i have and installed theirs and still nothing!! Help!!

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