Printable Valentine Cards | 5 More Cute Classroom Designs!


I’ve been on Pinterest again, getting more ideas for Printable Valentine Cards – and I found several more cuties! (Check out the others we’ve posted in our Valentine’s Printable Cards Category) Here are 5 more of our favorites – let us know if you find some you like as well!

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Gummy Worm Valentines:  This is RIGHT up my alley – I have boys – so worms, CHECK!  Also – it looks like these won’t use a whole ink cartridge – so DOUBLE CHECK!  DOWNLOAD HERE



Sweetheart Valentines: I love these charming little classroom cards – they’re a little on the girly side, but who cares!  I’m a girl!  DOWNLOAD HERE



Source: JustSomethingIMade

Printable Paper Airplane Valentines: These are so cute! And the kids can make and fly them.  I’m sure all the teachers will just looooove that :) DOWNLOAD HERE


Butterfly Lovebug Valentines:  We love Smarties around here – so this one is perfect for using those!   DOWNLOAD HERE


Tic-Tac-Toe Valentines: These are cute and again – don’t waste lots of ink! Plus, you only need to provide 9 M&M’s with it to play the game!  DOWNLOAD HERE


See more of our favorite ideas for Valentine Printable Cards!

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