Printable Coupons:Frequently Asked Questions

printables frequently asked questions

Why does it sometimes say “Print Limit Reached” on the internet when I haven’t printed that coupon?

Internet coupons have a certain number of “prints” that are allowed by the manufacturer.  If a coupon reaches that many prints (usually in the thousands) the manufacturer will either pull it and replace it with another coupon or display a message that says the print limit has been reached.  Sometimes the limit will be reset within a few days and other times you have to wait longer.

How many times can I print an internet coupon?

Most manufacturers allow their coupons to be printed 2 times per computer.  Also, most coupons are reset at the first of the month.  Therefore it is always a good idea to check sites at the end of the month knowing that many will soon be reset and you will have another print available.  Most internet coupons have a running count each time they are printed.  There are a few that are issued under a pdf file that may let you print them more than 2 times.  These are rare though.  Occasionally you can find the same coupon on several different sites that might allow more prints.

Can I copy internet coupons?

No.  Internet coupons have identifying bar codes on them.  The usual bar code or codes at the bottom of the coupon are there.  You will also notice an i.d. bar code on the coupon at the top near the expiration date.  This bar code ties back in to the i.p. address of your computer.  While you are able to print most internet coupons 2 times and the common bar code will stay exactly the same, the i.d. bar code will be different on each copy.  Clearing house companies and manufacturers scan this bar code.  If multiple copies of it are detected, they can block your computer from being able to print from their site.  In addition, it is their intention for the coupon to only be printed 2 times per computer.  We always encourage coupon users to honor that intention.

Are all internet coupons safe?

Most internet coupons are issued by the manufacturer and are perfectly safe.   There are strategic identifying elements on internet coupons to track them and prevent fraud.  With that said, there are fraudulent coupons out there that shoppers should stay away from.  These are mainly found and distributed through email or unusual websites.  Also, most of these coupons read that an item is absolutely free.  In thinking that through, manufacturers want to sell their products, not give them away.  Stick to printing from reputable sites and manufacturer sites and you’ll be fine.


  1. Kim says

    I’m having trouble printing coupons from online sites. Could you give me any tips on what might be the problem? ~ thanks!

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