Prayer Requests, Anyone?

God works in even small things – like this – and I just felt that I should write this post today…

The last few weeks, so many people we know have been struck by personal tragedy, illness, relationship troubles, and financial crises.  We know that many of you in the Time2Save community are also struggling with hard stuff in your lives right now.   And while we always pray for you as a community, we’d like to open this post up for you to give voice to those things.  You can simply leave your prayer requests as a comment below  – and you can always post prayer requests on our Facebook Wall.  We have some powerful prayer warriors out there!

Let us and others in the Time2Save community lift you up in prayer.  Give someone the chance to speak encouragement to you – or look for someone that you can encourage.


  1. laura carey says

    please pray that god helps heal my body,bring me peace,love,happiness,love,longjevity for everyone and will protect my house.please pray that my medical issues will be better and that i will get a financail blessing because im suffering hardships right now.thankyou to everyone who prays for me,and godbless you

  2. Rinku says

    Please pray that my heart’s desire be granted,
    the return of the love of my life, my one true love. I pray that my osayi may have healed his wounds from the past and forgiven all that has gone wrong.
    Lord, help my osayi be able to follow his heart to his desire and love for me and permanently return to me to be forever reconciled as one.
    Thank you.

  3. says

    Pray that God would break the stronghold that Satan has over Carolyn’s mind. Pray also for Carolyn’s Salvation. Pray also that God would put his hedge of protection around Carolyn and myself at all times. Thank you! Wayne

  4. Stephanie says

    I will pray for all of the above requests XO
    I was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor over the summer and will be going in for a craniotomy in the next few weeks. I have 4 wonderful children, two of which are special needs children..who I have to be here for. It’s a very risky surgery and the thought of not making it through it or coming out blind, deaf, paralized or worse scares me to death. Please pray that our trip goes well and that the neurosurgeon is able to do a miracle in there and get the entire tumor.

  5. Sharon says

    Brandy Rushton has Stage 3 Breast Cancer. She has 5 children, ages 15months-8yrs. Her husband lost his job approximately 4 months ago. He is scheduled to start school on August 22.
    She is currently doing chemo and trying to cope with everyday life.
    Please pray for this dear family as they go on with the battle of this. The children that they lend a helping hand to their mom and let her know just how much they love her. Her husband, as he is holding her hand through this. So that he can be strong for her, as well, as for the children.

  6. says

    I would like prayer for my Mom who will be having some cysts removed tomorrow morning from her breast. Pray that it’s not cancer. The Doctors are hopeful that’s it’s not but still, please pray for the best. Thanks!!

  7. christy says

    I had a beautiful miracle of a baby boy 3 1/2+ years ago–after undergoing infertility treatments for quite a while. We were hoping trying for #2 would be a different/easier experience but much to our dismay it has been really difficult. Now, after trying for 2 1/2 years….we are still hoping for another miracle. Thanks for the prayers!! Thanks time2save :) It’s hard to keep the faith and hope when it’s so hard and disappointing.

  8. Amanda says

    my grandmother just lost another one of her kids. this will be her 3rd loss in the last four years. so please pray for her that God will give her strength to get through this.

  9. Dana says

    I am trying to find a new job. I have been at my job for many years but some changes have made it extremely stressful. Please pray that the right job come along

  10. ANGIE TODD says

    I am goiing through a lot of stress and pain right now. Please pray for me and my family especially my youngest daughter. Thank you so so much.

  11. Ashley Huhn says

    This is an amazing idea!
    My husband has had plaque psoriasis for years. It came on slowly and until about 2 months ago he only had about 10-20 spots. I know that sounds like a lot but in the past 2 months it has been spreading rapidly. If the it keeps spreading at this rate half his body will be covered by the end of the year. This is NOT an exaduration! We can’t afford insurance or the medications. (The prescriptions we have tried don’t work!)
    Please pray that God will heal him! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and thank you time2save for the opportunity to share this request!

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