Reminder Ends Today: Plink FREE $20 Giftcard when you spend $20 at Old Navy or Gap!


Reminder that this deal ends SUNDAY!!

Right now, Plink is offering all new users a FREE $20 Amazon Gift Card just for registering and spending $20 at Old Navy or Gap by 4/14!

My kids are in desperate need of some summer shorts – and I was planning on hitting Old Navy anyway soon – getting a FREE $20 giftcard is like getting free clothes!


Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up for Plink today, make a minimum $20 in-store purchase at Old Navy or Gap by Sunday, 4/14 11:59 EST, and we’ll give you 2,000 Plink Points – enough to redeem for a $20 Gift Card of your choice at places like, Target, Walmart, Kohls, Starbucks and more!
  • Minimum $20 necessary at Old Navy or Gap (after you link a credit/debit card to their Plink account) to qualify for the bonus 2,000 Plink Points by Sunday, 4/14 11:59 EST
  • The $20 must be from an in-store purchase only, not valid for online purchases

But it doesn’t end there – you’ll continue to earn more giftcards through plink’s reward program – check it out!

More about Plink:

Do you ever grab a bite to eat at Burger King, Taco Bell, Arby’s or Quiznos?  Or perhaps grab a coffee at Dunkin Donuts?  Do you go to the movies at Regal Cinemas or Outback on the occasional date night?  Well – now you can get  $5 Amazon Gift cards just for making purchases at these select restaurants, theaters or retailers.

Sign up – it’s free!  Then register any debit/credit card andget rewards when you shop & dine out or even rent a car at your favorite places.

When you use your card to buy food, shop or travel at select retailers – you earn points. Basically – spend $50 and earn a $5 Giftcard.  One night at the movies could earn you a giftcard easily!

      • Spend $5 = 70 Pts
      • Spend $15 = 150 Pts
      • Spend $20 = 200 Pts
      • Spend $25 = 250 Pts


Redeem your points for $5 Giftcards to Amazon, Walmart, Kohl’s, Starbucks and more!  Check out all the rewards.

It’s incredibly easy to earn Plink rewards – and since we all end up getting a quick bite to eat now and again – we’ll be earning Amazon Giftcards without even realizing it  – save them up for Christmas shopping!

Restaurants aren’t the only places included – Regal Cinemas, Old Navy, GAP, 7-Eleven Gas Stations and more are also on the list.  Go shopping and earn a $5 Amazon giftcard at the same time.  Join Plink today to start earning.

Let us know if you’ve tried Plink yet – I’ve signed up my card, but haven’t had a chance to go out and use it yet.  I’ll keep ya posted!

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