Please Vote for Barbie’s Ugly Couch!

Please take a second this evening to check out this monstrosity….

Do you see that gold & brown weedy patch I circled there?  Yes?  Okay – brace yourselves – that’s part of BARBIE’S COUCH. You know Barbie – the sweet gal with 7 kids who does our baby deals each week? She’s got herself one seriously grody couch, y’all.

She asked me to vote for here HERE so that she can win a new couch from Fisher Home Furnishings – and I thought I’d see if some of you would be so kind to join me in getting Barbie out of the 70′s and into something a little nicer!

Note: This is Barbie’s sister and her kids and her father posing on the couch.  She’s the one who entered Barbie in the contest – wasn’t that sweet?


  1. says

    I just voted for you honey, You have got to win this and I’ve passed it along on my facebook, hopefully everyone will go and vote for you too.

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