Couponing for the Rest of Us

Please Vote for Barbie’s Ugly Couch!

Please take a second this evening to check out this monstrosity….

Do you see that gold & brown weedy patch I circled there?  Yes?  Okay – brace yourselves – that’s part of BARBIE’S COUCH. You know Barbie – the sweet gal with 7 kids who does our baby deals each week? She’s got herself one seriously grody couch, y’all.

She asked me to vote for here HERE so that she can win a new couch from Fisher Home Furnishings – and I thought I’d see if some of you would be so kind to join me in getting Barbie out of the 70′s and into something a little nicer!

Note: This is Barbie’s sister and her kids and her father posing on the couch.  She’s the one who entered Barbie in the contest – wasn’t that sweet?


  1. I just voted for you honey, You have got to win this and I’ve passed it along on my facebook, hopefully everyone will go and vote for you too.

  2. Best of luck because THAT is a non-attractive sofa! :)

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