Please Be Careful Out There!

Hi!  Jamie here – and I just wanted to tell everyone who is planning to travel today to be So-So-So careful!!  I set out last night from Glasgow, Ky – heading back to Cleveland, Tn and ran into some major problems.

We never even made it to my dad’s for Christmas due to his treacherous country roads – but had to stop at the mall for a “Food Court Christmas” – which was less than ideal.  After that – it was 30 miles an hour driving down I-65 South towards Nashville.  Cars were off the road everywhere!!!  My 4 kids in the backseat were just as on edge as I was – since we could barely see the lines on the road in front of us.

We stopped for gas and discovered that 3 more miles up the road there were 4 tractor trailers on their sides and a 4-mile parking lot of cars behind them.  We decided to give up and stay at a Holiday Inn Express for the night :)

I want to give a HUGE shout-out to Kansas, who not only entered a coupon code for us to make our stay just $69 – instead of $105 – but ALSO put us up in the LARGEST ROOM in the hotel – just because she knew we needed the space!!  Here we are at breakfast this morning – making the best of a bad situation by filling our bellies with cinnamon rolls and biscuits & gravy.  We’re about to head out again – so please keep us in your prayers today, as well as all the other travellers worriedly hazarding the roadways today!


  1. Jane says

    Glad you got off the road safely! Cleveland got a dusting last night and it was all melted by 9 a.m.! Hope you got home today!

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