Plan Your Gift Giving

 Okay girls it’s time for the next step in our journey toward a Purposeful Peaceful Christmas. It’s time to tackle our gift list this week, and we’ve created gift planning pages to help.  Each page is designed to help guide you through the thinking process one step at a time.

I (Kasey) have to admit I am not a planner by nature.  I desperatley want to be organized but it’s a HUGE challenge for me.  This may shock some of you …I have never written down a Christmas Gift list, GASP!   We are all in this together no matter how much or how little you’ve done so far it okay no pressure here.  Our goal is to encourage and challenge each other towards a most worthy goal, A Purposeful Peaceful Christmas.   Let’s start off with an easy challenge and devote just five minutes tonight or tomorrow to help get us started. 

It’s our hope, that this year we can sit down with our calendars and spread out the little “tasks” that must be done to prepare for Christmas. We’ll do our shopping along the way, we’ll make lists and menus, we’ll gather ingredients and supplies for our Holiday meals, we’ll scrimp and save with smart shopping.  And by being purposeful in these things, we hope to have PEACE in our hearts and homes this Christmas.

If you haven’t joined us in our Purposeful, Peaceful Christmas Series yet, you can read all the posts and tips we’ve shared along the way HERE.  As you scroll through all of the posts you’ll also see amazing online deals we’ve found and great freebies like photo books and photo Christmas cards to help minimize Christmas spending. 

Download Printable Christmas Planner e-book Click HERE

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