GROUPON: $100 worth of Picaboo Photo Gifts for $35 + FREE SHIPPING!

There’s a hot Groupon deal today – get $100 worth of Picaboo Credit for just $35! I hate to pay shipping, and your $35 can go towards the shipping costs :)  (YAY!)

I really love the Picaboo book that I ordered last year – and this would be a perfect opportunity to make a few nice books of all your family’s winter photos.

Check out Picaboo’s prices and specials HERE.

Even if you don’t want to get in on this Groupon deal, you might want to take advantage of the BOGO PHOTOBOOK SALE going on at Picaboo right now: Just use code BGFCBC to get an exact duplicate of any photo book you make!


  1. Kim says

    I loved free photobooks! Last year we went to Disney for the 1st time, so I made one from that trip. My son LOVES animals so I made a book for him using pictures from a recent trip to the zoo. With the cusomizatin you can really pack alot of photos onto a 20 page book

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