Pixable: FREE Photo Book + COOL Ideas!

Get a FREE Pixable 16-Page Photobook!

It’s been awhile since I mentioned Pixable – but this is another offer that will be ending soon!   Fall  lends itself so well to memorable photos: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and leaf piles galore! – that you can do something lovely with a free photobook!

  • Sign up with Pixable HERE
  • Upload your pictures the regular way – or simply choose the Facebook option, and it will upload any photos right from your facebook albums!  (This option goes SUPER quick, it took me about 1 minute to upload my Facebook album “Fall 2009″)
  • Choose the colors and backgrounds you like
  • At checkout, use code “PIXBOOK”
  • You’ll pay only shipping of $2.95

Creative PhotoBook Ideas:

Publish your child’s book!
- Does you child love to draw and write stories?  How cool would it be for them to have their own book “Published”?  My 10 year old draws comics all the time of a hero he calls “Super Steve”.  Guess what?  Super Steve is about to get published!
Memory Book:
- Pick one event (i.e. Birthday,Holiday, Family Reunion, Party) and document it!  This would be especially easy with the Facebook upload option.
Baby Book:
- Did child #3 get left out when it came to making a babybook?  Here’s a very easy way to make one!  Choose some cute backgrounds and fill some info on each page (First step, etc..)
Vacation Book:
- Document your camping trip, cruise, beach vacation, etc…  This is a great one to keep on the coffee table!
Child’s Art:
- Scan in several pictures your child has drawn (or take nice photos of them).  They will LOVE having this on their shelf – or to send to Grandma – and you can finally throw away some of the originals hanging on the fridge!
Christmas Present:
- I’m thinking of taking a bunch of vintage photos from my dad’s side of the family and making him a family album full of cool black & white pics. I’ve got some of those great old photos of his grandma hanging clothes on the line, his dad grilling, and all that good stuff.  He would LOVE this for Christmas – and I have a feeling I need to supply some Kleenex with that book :)

What ideas can you come up with?

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