Pirate Eye-Patch Tutorial (Need: Pizza Box and Baby Socks!)



Since International Talk Like a Pirate Day is this Thursday (Sept. 19) – I thought this might come in handy!

Over Spring Break – my 4 boys decided they wanted to have a “Pirate Day” – so we built a Pirate Ship tent out on the deck (sheets and lawnchairs held together with binder clips).  But of course, that wasn’t enough.  After a couple rounds of Pirate Punch (koolaid) we decided we needed eye patches.  Here’s how I threw some together in about 10 minutes:

You’ll need: 

  • Pizza box, black baby sock (or any black sock, really), a large stretchy headband or piece of elastic, sewing needle and thread.


  • Cut your pizza box into a patch shape.  Leave about a 1/2 inch of the fold to sew onto your elastic strip.
  • Cut your baby sock in half so that you can tuck your cardboard patch inside with just a little extra left on top to cover the fold.
  • Lie the excess sock (the part covering the folded part of the cardboard) on your elastic headband and sew a straight line across to connect it and at the same time close the sock.  Since the elastic is sewn to the fold piece, you can flip the patch up or down easily.
  • Knot your thread and snip it off – Voila!  Your mateys are ready to to “Arrrgh” and “Yo-Ho-Ho” the afternoon away!

More Pirate-play tips: 

  • Use your leftover pizza box for a jolly roger (Pirate Flag), let the kids decorate it with skull & crossbones or whatever they wish and tape the back of it to a yardstick or broom.
  • Create a “Sail” that raises and lowers with a clothes hanger (the kind with clips).  Clip a pillow case to it and tie a string to the top hook.  Loop the string around something high-up (My kids propped a broom up on the deck and threaded the strong through the hole at the top of the broom handle) and they can pull the string to raise and lower their sail.
  • If it starts to rain on your pirate ship tent – grab a vinyl tablecloth or shower curtain and clip it to the tent’s ceiling to make it waterproof.  How fun to be a pirate in the rain!



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