Pinecone Research Slots Open Again for Age 18-24! (Earn $3 per Survey!)

Just a reminder – PineCone Research is still actively recruiting 18-24 year olds – but the panel will fill up soon!

Quick – if you haven’t been selected to join the Pinceone Research panel in the past – it’s time to try your luck again!  Pinecone Research Panel is looking for new panelists to complete surveys – these surveys pay $3 each – no points or credits, just $3 each!

My husband and I have been Pinceone Research panelists in the past – and the surveys were pretty quick for the most part, and the paychecks were GREAT little income boosters :)

They are a very reputable and highly selective company – always looking to fill in various demographic slots.   So don’t be discouraged if they’re not looking for your particular age, income level, household status, etc.. right now.  I’ll let you know again when the open new slots!

Apply for Pinecone Research HERE


If you’re not in the age group/demographic for Pinecone – you might consider signing up for Nielsen’s Home Scan Survey Group instead! 

They’re also a very reputable survey company and you can earn points that add up to nice prizes just for scanning your family’s groceries each week.

They use that info to determine buying trends – and you get gifts for your trouble as well as entry into monthly and quarterly giveaways for American Express Gift Cards!

Read more about the Nielsen program HERE.



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