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Pillsbury Newsletter = HOT Coupons!

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Signing up for the following newsletters will get you FREE Samples and exclusive printable coupons! (These coupons are a HIGHER value than other coupon sites, due to the fact that they are direct from the manufacturer)

All three of these fall under the General Mills umbrella – but by signing up for all three you’ll receive triple the coupons and sample offers!

  1. Sign up for the Pillsbury newsletter to gain access to TONS of members-only coupons (up to $250 pr year) and a FREE monthly sample of one of their newest products.
  2. Live Better America is another set of nearly identical coupons up to $250 per year – with a focus on healthy eating and great recipe ideas!
    Another source for coupons under the General Mills/Pillsbury umbrella is – sign up for them to get a whole EXTRA set of coupons!  (Plus we know how great Box Tops are for our schools)
  3. Raise funds for Schools with BoxTops for Education – Join Today!


  1. I’m still saving those box tops even though my kids aren’t in school anymore. That’s one program I’ve always enjoyed.

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