Picaboo: FREE Big Custom Photobook REMINDER

August 31st is just around the corner – which means time is running out for the Fantastic Picaboo Freebie!

Through Aug. 31, you can get a FREE Custom Hardbound (Even leather!) Photobook from Picaboo: - $39.99 Value!

Creating a custom book takes time, so if you signed up but haven’t worked on it in awhile, you’ll want to set aside a little time to complete your project.  Many of our readers ordered this during last year’s promotion – and were able to give them as Christmas gifts, Anniversary Gifts, Grandparent presents, and more!  These are very high-quality – you can read some of our readers comments about them HERE!

*Also, did anyone order during the March Promotion?  I’m just curious if you remember how long it took to receive yours.  Thanks!


  1. Abbe says

    Hi…back in March I uplinked my book on the day of the deadline (a Wednesday) and the next Tuesday I had it in the mail!! Of all the online books I’ve made, Picaboo is by far the most user/customer friendly not to mention the book is gorgeous…maybe it was my photography! haha A great company and I’ve recommended it several times to friends!

  2. Hannah says

    I don’t remember exactly how long it took to ship, but I remember that it didn’t take long at all…a week maybe?! it had to have been pretty fast because I had ordered it for my husbands birthday (which is March 20th) and it was there for at least a week before that…I remember because I had to hide it for a while

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