Picaboo: 50 FREE Photo Cards at 10pm!!

Okay – this is for all you brave souls out there willing to try your luck at a deal!  Picaboo is offering up 250 codes at 10pm ET tonight for those who go LIKE them on their Facebook page.  The codes will go FAST – so you have to be on your game!  Also, the codes expire TOMORROW!

(Picaboo, are you trying to give us all heart attacks or something?)

If you’re game – here’s what to do:

  1. Go ahead and sign up for Picaboo and start checking out what you like – perhaps begin your creation.
  2. Then mosey over to the Facebook Page and “LIKE” them.
  3. At 10pm, Picaboo will post a comment on their page.
  4. The first 250 to respond/comment on that will be sent a code!
  5. Again, since it expire tomorrow, you’ll need to set to work on your card right away, should you win :)

    You guys better let me know if you win!

- Thanks, ShortOncents!

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