Photo Mosaic Poster – $5.95 Shipped (LAST DAY!)

Just wanted to remind everyone to go make their Photo Posters TONIGHT – because the $10 Off Code ends today!  Here’s the post all about it - but just quickly:

  • Join Pixable
  • Upload a picture to be your main image
  • Pick a couple albums from Facebook, Picasa, Flickr or Photobucket (or your own computer) – all those pics will be the tiles making up the mosaic.  It takes about 10 minutes total to transfer all those pics and created the mosaic.
  • At checkout, use code Time2Mosaic and instead of paying $15.95 – you’ll pay $5.95.  Shipping is Free!  
  • Have it shipped to mom for Mother’s Day, make one for a graduate with using pics of their high-school/college years, make one for a beloved teacher with photos of all the kids, etc….

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