Photo Canvases: $55 Off Code = FREE Small Canvas!

Photo Canvases are one of those neat things that just take a minute to create (Using a sentimental photo) – are usually VERY Expensive – but make a big splash with the family/friends!  If you’re thinking about making one for a Christmas present – I’ve got some GREAT codes for you to make it much cheaper!

  • The first a a link to save $55 off a Canvas People photo canvas.  This will make a small one free – or a larger one cheap.  You still have to pay shipping & handling.  GO HERE to look around!

  • The second is for Cyber Monday/Tuesday ONLY – and is a code for Canvas Press for Buy One ~ Get One Identical Canvas 50% OFF.  GO HERE and enter code: CJSANTA50 Or you could use code: CJSANTA30 for 30% OFF Any Order!

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