P&G Pink Cookware Set is BACK! (FREE with $30 Purchase)

It’s time again for the FREE Proctor & Gamble Pink Cookware Set So far this is just a Publix Rebate – we haven’t found forms yet for Bi-Lo or other stores, but we’re not ruling it out yet ;)

This wildly popular rebate is for a Free 5-Piece Pink Bialetti Pasta Set from Good Cook’s Hope Line – and all you have to do is spend $30 on Proctor & Gamble products at Publix (Total is counted BEFORE coupons!)


Next,  submit your receipts and this rebate to receive a FREE Pink Cookware Set ($42 Value) with free shipping!

Set includes:

  • 5 Quart Cook & Drain Pasta Pot
  • Pasta Serving Spoon
  • Garlic Press
  • Cheese Grater

Purchases must be made 9/27 – 10/31 and indicated on one (1) original cash register receipt from Publix.   Limit one (1) per customer.

Lest you think this is not very awesome – let me reassure you – IT IS!! Deal Detective Kim has loved her set every year.  She reports that they are nice quality and very cute :)  I would warn you that this was in such high-demand last year, it took some people until the Spring to finally get theirs, and some people were turned away when supplies run out (“While supplies last” is no lie!)  So if you want to do this – make sure you buy your items and send in your receipt FAST to get in the front of the line :)

As for scenarios, we’d LOVE to hear any that you can come up with! 


  1. etta says

    I purchased my products but the store (shop roite) never gave me a coupon to mail in how can I do this I really want the set I get one every year

  2. jamie says

    This offer is available at other stores, even if the store managers don’t know about it. ***GO to… pg-earlydetection.com to find a store near you and to print a mail in form. I’ve gotten mine at Marc’s for many years. This year the store didn’t have the forms and the manager had not heard of it. I called P&G at 866-512-8656 and Marc’s is still a participant.

    • says

      Thanks for the heads up Jamie! In past years we’ve seen it at Bi-Lo and even Food Lion, but I hadn’t had any confirmation of that this year. Good info!

  3. rena says

    Going to try and make a publix run today with the mr clean B2G1 free coupons that expire today and the B1G1 free Swiffer coupons that came in the paper yesterday to stock up on some cleaning supplies and hopefully submit for the pink cookwear. I will let you know how it goes. also just to let you know the link for the pink cookwear that you provided is not working. Thanks for all you ladies do . :)

    • Amy says

      Has anyone has any more trouble with this rebate link?? I initially went like a month ago and looked up the Publix in East Brainerd which was on it, but now I can’t find the rebate form and none of the Publixs are listed anymore. I haven’t been able to get to Publix until today and now I can’t get the rebate form :-(
      I’m going to call tomorrow morning the 800 number, but does anyone have this rebate form saved where they could send me a copy?? Any help would be appreciated!!

  4. shannon says

    I was just wondering has anyone got there set yet i sent mine in at the begging time and i have not got mine yet. Is there a website i can go to to see if they have sent it yet? Thanks for everything

  5. Doreen says

    Can you use a receipt from online? Like Amazon? I use Amazon Subscribe & Save to purchase various P&G items and other household items? Thanks, Doreen


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