{Part 6} Couponing at 18: Elizabeth’s Journey

Meet 18 year-old Elizabeth, who recently started couponing.  We love it when she checks in to let us know how she is doing!
See her posts from the begining: HERE

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments once again. It’s a new year and another opportunity to have a fresh start. I had two new years resolutions this year.

  • The 1st is to use coupons so I can save money, and spend whatever is left at the end of the month to help others.
  • My 2nd is to get as close as I can to God!

This week I went to the store with my new mentality, and I found some amazing deals!!  I found free pasta at Bi-Lo, and some cheap pasta sauce. I bought ten boxes of pasta, and six jars of sauce. Keep in mind – it isn’t about buying everything in one week.  It’s about creating a stock-pile and always remembering to help others!!
Thank you for reading my blog-

Your thrifty friend,


  1. Phillip Gordezanozo says

    WOW!!!!!!!!! I love this blog!! It truely sounds like your a lovely lady!!!! Good job and keep the good work up.

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