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Bi-Lo: 7/13 – 7/19 Weekly Ad & Coupon Deals (Updated!)

This week is a really good one at Bi-Lo, I’m excited about the cheap pork loin, $.09 Smuckers Shells, Frozen veggies, Lysol wipes and Bounty Paper towels!

*There’s a cool Pet food catalina deal (or fuelperks deal) that will be GREAT if you can use competitor coupons at your store – check it out way down at the bottom of the list!

Shopping Tips:

Meal Deal:
BOGO Grocery:
Other Grocery:
BOGO Household:
Other Household:
Pet Food Promo:

Bi-Lo Weekly Ad & Coupon Deals: 6/22 – 6/28

Here are the best deals this week at Bi-Lo  – I love the baby deal that’s going on, it’s going to make very cheap wipes/diapers if your Bi-Lo accepts competitor coupons!!

This List Has Expired
Bi-Lo Meal Deal:
Deli Meal Deal:
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Huggies/Scott/Kotex Promo:
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Other Good Deals:
3-Day Sale (Fri - Sun)

Bi-Lo: 3-Day Sale & New Our Brands Challenge

Bi-Lo is having a 3-Day sale from today (Friday 6/10) – Sunday 6/12.  There are a few good deals to be had – but make sure you check out the weekly matchups HERE and the “Extra” deals found by our readers HERE.

Remember: Many Bi-Lo stores are doubling coupons up to $.99 this week only, as well as there being a HUGE list of BOGO deals!!!!!


Gold Star Whole Boston Butt $1.39 /lb (Save $.90)
Fresh Green Cabbage $.39/lb


Marie Calendar Dinner/Pies $0.98
Use $1/2 PRINT or from ConAgra Mailer
or $1/1 from May ALL*YOU
(makes it FREE – $.49 ea)

Purina Dog Chow 20 Lb $8.99
Use $3/1 PRINT
or $2/1 PRINT *Must register
(makes it $5.99!)

Fab Laundry Detergent $1.99
Use $1/2 from 5/22 SS
(makes it $1.49)

New month – new Our Brands Challenge!  Buy the National Brand ~ Get the Bi-Lo brand for free with the printable coupons on the Bi-Lo site.  You’ll need to login here to see/print these coupons.

  • Buy Knorr Spanish Fiesta Sides ~ Get FREE SH Spanish Rice & Sauce
  • Buy Knorr Broccolli & Cheddar Rice Sides ~ Get FREE SH Broccolli & Cheddar Rice & Sauce
  • Buy Knorr Herb & Butter Rice Sides ~ Get FREE SHHerb & Butter Rice & Sauce

Use $1/3 Knorr Sides from the 5/22 RP to get all 3 of these at the same time (and all 3 Bi-Lo brands FREE!)

NEW Receipt Survey Coupon:

By taking the survey on the bottom of your receipt (online) – you’ll be sent a link to print a coupon, and they change each month.  Last month was vinegar – this month is free New Orleans Jambalaya mix!

Bi-Lo Ad & Coupon Deals: 5/11 – 5/17

Here are the best deals you can find at Bi-Lo this week (Starting Wednesday 5/11) – I’m excited about grabbing some cheap eggs, stocking up on toilet paper, and boneless skinless chicken breast!  *I have a few more things to add to the household deals – stay tuned later in the day for more additions!

Bi-Lo Survey: Fill out the survey online/by phone at the bottom of your receipt, and get a coupon for a freebie!  Thismonth it’s FREE SH Hamburger Dill Chips!

There are currently no items in this list.

Bilo: Take a Survey & Get a Free Coupon

Just a reminder for all you Bi-Lo Shoppers out there.  Did you know that you can receive a coupon for a FREE Southern Home (Bi-Lo) Brand item when you fill out the survey on the bottom of your receipts??  Well, if not now you know!! So SAVE those receipts!!

Right now the coupon is their Southern Home Noodles & Sauce Butter 4.5 oz for FREE!!  Usually whatever coupon they have for their “free” coupon is usually on sale (just not advertised) so you shouldn’t have to pay any thing extra out of your pocket! This coupon is valid until 1/22.  This is also a great way to tell them about your Bi-Lo trip!

*Do NOT make any copies of this because it will beep, even though the screen print will pop up and you are tempted to add a few copies to it.  But if you have multiple receipts, you will have to go through the survey again, if you are wanting another coupon for that product or otherwise, save those receipts for a product that you would enjoy more of!

Bi-Lo Highlights: 10/13 – 10/19

Here are my favorite Bi-Lo deals of the week – it’s not the best week ever, but there is a great deal on cereal, Arnold Bread, and Hormel chicken strips!  I also can’t wait to get some big red grapes and I JUST ran out of hand soap!  Let me know if you see any great deals I missed…

[groceryList name = "Best Bi-Lo Bargains of the Week!"]

[grocerySection name = "Bi-Lo Meal Deal"]

  • Buy (2) Red Baron Pan Pizza or Pasta = $13.98
    Use $1/1 PRINT or $1/1 from 8/29 SS
  • Get Hot Mama Cheese Knots – FREE
  • Mayfield Classic Ice Cream – FREE
  • Mrs. Smiths Cobbler – FREE
  • Coke 2-Liter – FREE


[grocerySection name= "Meat/Produce:"]

  • Red Jumbo Grapes $.99/lb
  • SH Fresh Split Chicken Breast $.99/lb
  • Fresh Ground Beef $1.79/lb


[grocerySection name= "Best Grocery BOGO's:"]


[grocerySection name= "Other Good Grocery Deals:"]


[grocerySection name = "Best Household Deals:"]



Bi-Lo Highlights: 7/28 – 8/3

It’s a decent week at Bi-Lo, with some nice cheap items and a few meal deals.  Take the online survey at the bottom of your receipt (within 2 days) to get a coupon for a FREE bottle of Southern Home BBQ Sauce!

Bi-Lo Shopping Tips:

  • Bi-Lo doubles coupons up to 60¢ – with a limit of 10 like coupons doubled per transaction.
  • BOGO’s: You don’t have to buy *2* BOGO items to get the sale price – that’s why I simply list what the price of *1* will be (BOGO @ $$$ each)

Meal Deals:

Buy (2) Fresh Express Baby Blend Bagged Salads = $7.98
-Get Maries Dressing FREE (Use $1/1 PRINT!)
-Get Fresh Gourmet Croutons FREE (I just wrote coupons. Wow.)
-Get Ocean Spray Craisins FREE
(makes it $6.98 for all of the above)

Buy (2) Signature Deli Pizzas = $11.98
-Get Bone-In 12 Ct Wings FREE

Buy (2) Red Baron Deep Dish Pan Pizzas/Pastas = $13.98 (Use $1/1 from 6/6 SS)
-Get Southern Home Garlic Breadsticks FREE
-Get Mrs Smiths’ Cobbler FREE
-Get Mayfield Ice Cream FREE (Use $1/1 from 6/6, 7/18 SS)
-Get 2-Liter Coke FREE
(makes it $10.98 for all)

Best BOGO Deals:

Country Crock BOGO @ 99¢
Use 40¢/1 PRINT or from August ALL*YOU
(makes it 19¢ ea!)

House Autry Breaders BOGO @ $1.24
Use 50¢/1 PRINT(Use zip 76109) or PRINT or 75¢/1 from 5/23 SS
(makes it 24¢ – 49¢)

Orville Redenbacher Popcorn BOGO @ $1.25
Use $1/1 PRINT or from August ALL*YOU
or $1.50/4 PRINT
(makes it 25¢ – 86¢ ea)

Crystal Farms Cheese BOGO @ $1.49
Use 55¢/1 from 6/27 SS
(makes it 39¢ ea)

Butterball Sandwich Meats BOGO @ $1.64
Use 75¢/1 or $1/2 from 6/27 SS
(makes it 64¢ ea!)

Kelloggs Cereals BOGO @ $1.99
Use $1/2 PRINT or
(makes it as low as $1.49)

Finish Quantumatic Dispenser Kits BOGO $4.99
Use $3/1 PRINT or PRINT
(makes it $1.99) *For 12 loads

Blue Bell Ice Cream BOGO @ $3.49 ea
Use $1/1 PRINT
(makes it $2.49)

Hormel Entrees BOGO @ $3.49 ea
Use $1/1 from 6/6 SS
(makes it $2.49 ea)

Best Other Deals:

Boneless Beef Chuck Roast or Boneless Pork Loin Half $1.99/lb
Clear Value Milk $2.48

John Morrell Smoked Sausage 99¢
Use $1/1 PRINT
(makes it FREE!)

Daisy Sour Cream $1
Use 50¢/1 from 6/6 RP or upcoming sunday paper
(makes it FREE!)

Zone Perfect Meal Bar $1
Use 55¢/1 from 5/16 SS
(makes it FREE!) *I just bought 20 of these Q’s off ebay for $1!

Texas Toast Croutons $1.25
Use 55¢/1 from 5/16 SS or June ALL*YOU (Doubles)
(makes it 15¢)

Hershey’s Milkshakes (Choc. or Cookies n Cream) $1
Use 35¢/1 PRINT
(makes it 30¢!) * I call that a “Be Good In the Grocery, Kids” incentive

Birdeye Voila Dinners $3.99
Use $1/1 PRINT
(makes it $2.99)

Angel Soft Bath Tissue 12-24 Pk $4.77
Use $1/1 PRINT or 50¢/1 from 5/23 RP
(makes it $3.77)

- Thanks to SmartShoppingLadies for many of the matchups!