Inexpensive Owl Pendant on Amazon (Big 70′s Style!)


Lately, we’ve been finding some really cute jewelry on Amazon – for a super tiny price!   The most popular so far has been this great Vintage Bronze Owl Pendant for only $4.56 + FREE Shipping!  Or get it in silver tone for $3.72 Shipped!

It’s a large pendant (as shown above) and comes with a long chain – perfect if you’re going for this on-trend  70′s look this Spring.  If you have some teenage girls on your Christmas list – these could also make a great stocking stuffer :)

Here’s another one that’s a little less…. huge…


And lest you wonder whether or not this is worth a couple bucks – one of our favorite readers , “Deal Detective Kim”,
ordered several of these pieces after we posted them – and she was very happy with them!  Here’s what she had to say as well as a screenshot of her order:

A couple of weeks ago, Jamie posted a cute octopus necklace she’d found cheap on Amazon. It was even free shipping! I love costume jewelry like you wouldn’t believe, so I was all in, and on top of that, I had a few bucks in my Amazon account thanks to Swagbucks. Let me tell you, that money just burns a hole in my pocket! I am ashamed to tell you I didn’t think of anyone else or Christmas gifts or anything but me. (Before you go thinking I’m some selfish shrew, let me just say that I used my $4 Amazon mp3 credit from Swagbucks to buy a cool album my boyfriend didn’t have for him, the Weight Watcher’s magazine deal, I got for him, and I recently redeemed some credit card points for gift cards that will be Christmas gifts. So I’m not selfish all the time, just this once.) The jewelry came much faster than promised, it’s all ADORABLE and, as you can see by the photos, it was all free. P.S. The pictures really don’t do it justice. My co-workers have ooohed and aaaahed over it.


Please note that Amazon’s prices fluctuate and can change at any time. Be sure to verify current price before placing your order. Find more great Amazon Deals in our Amazon Category!




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