Organize the Medicine Cabinet (+ Dry Erase Medicine Schedule)



How to Organize the Medicine Cabinet

+ DIY Dry Erase Meds Schedule!

With the kids back in school and things calming down from the holidays – I’ve had some time to tackle a few of the projects on my mental list.  Like that crazy dang mess of a medicine cabinet.

I wish (WISH!) I’d taken a before picture of this crazy cabinet before I’d organized it so you can see what a hot mess it was.  Things are always tumbling out or falling over when I try to find the thing I need.  Need the Ibuprofin?  Guess what – the Tums and a whole box of band-aids are coming tumbling out with it.  I was SO over it…   Here’s what I did to organize the medicine cabinet at our house:



Medicine Cabinet Organization Checklist:

  1. Pick up a few file/magazine holders.   I found mine at the Dollar Spot at Target.

  2. Throw out all the expired & leftover meds cluttering up your cabinet.

  3. Organize the remaining meds into baskets according to how you like.  I went by general sympoms:

  • Cough, Cold, Allergy

  • Pain, Heartburn, Fever Relief

  • Vitamins & Prescriptions (since you pull that one out every day)

  • First-Aid, Thermometers, Measuring Cups, etc….

And luckily, there’s enough room left on the side for me to tuck in our bag of cough drops and a couple other odds and ends that don’t fit.


One thing I find really helpful with four kids is a place to keep track of who’s meds need to be taken at what time – especially when the whole household gets strep or the flu and I’m trying to keep track of different times and dosages.  Awhile back, I started keeping a Meds Schedule pinned inside the cabinet door.  It helps me stay on top of it, and if my husband’s watching the kids or we have a babysitter – it’s easy for them to check.

You don’t need to run out and buy a special little dry erase board for your med schedule.  Just find a piece of laminated paper in your house (Surely the kids brought home enough from school that you have something extra lying around) and cut out a rectangle.  Mine came from the white envelope the school sent report cards home in ;)

Any if you don’t have any laminated paper, an index card in a Ziploc baggy works too.

If you do find a good deal on these baskets like I did – get a TON!  I’ve been using them to organize all my cabinets recently, and I love opening them up and seeing how cute and tidy they look!


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