Online Shopping: Do You Use Cashback Programs?


Here at Time2Save, we love getting grocery bargains – but we’re also on the lookout for ONLINE deals!

We’re real people, and we need more than toothpaste, spaghetti sauce and cereal.  We need new shoes, shower curtains, fire pits and Buzz Lightyears.   That’s why we highlight great Online Deals for you whenever we find one!

Combine the deals & gas savings with the comfort of shopping from your couch in your favorite pj’s – and you’ll know why we seriously love online shopping :)

But before you jump on any online bargains, there’s one simple thing you NEED to  do…

Sign up for a Cash Back Program.

When you sign up for one of the sites below, you will be able to get a percentage of your money BACK from any online purchase you make. (WooHoo!)  You’ll receive it on a quarterly check, or in some cases sooner!  Cashback amounts vary from 2% – 20% and even higher, but regardless of the amount – It just doesn’t make sense to pass up free money!

Here are the Top 2 sites we recommend signing up for – sometimes one site may offer a higher cashback reward than the other, so it helps to belong to both!


#1 - Ebates

- $5 Credit for joining!
- Receive check quarterly
- Daily Doubles every day – where cashback amounts for various stores are doubled


#2 - ShopAtHome

- Get $5 Credit for joining! *
- Cashback check once you reach $50
- WILD Daily Deal offering BIG increase in cashback for one store

*Credit shows up when you make a purchase within $30 days

Big Purchase Tip: Whenever you are forced to make a BIG purchase (new appliance, computer, electronics, etc…) – make sure you shop around for the best cashback amount and go through that site.  You could end up getting hundreds of dollars back – just by clicking on one of the links above as your first step.

The sooner you join – the more quickly you’ll begin to accumulate cashback – so sign up today!


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