Olympic Team USA Pancakes!

Are you getting in to the Olympics with your family?  My husband is the super-fan here in my house – but this year he’s gotten the kiddos super-hyped about it too.  In fact – he may or may not have teared up several times already….

Well, here’s a fun way to keep the Team USA Olympic adrenaline rush going – make some fun pancakes for the kids this weekend!

Photo and explanation courtesy of A Penny Filled Pantry

Am I the only mom out there that has trouble getting my kids to eat? Surely not! My kids LOVE pancakes it’s pretty much an every morning go too for us here at the Bowen household. But this morning I decided to change things up a little just to see what kind of impact it would have……

As you can see from the pictures we had Olympic Team USA pancakes! Super easy all I did was mix up my usual hungry jack mix and threw in about 6 drops of different colors of food coloring! They were a HUGE hit!

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