Olympic Cake Ideas | Olympic Ring Cupcakes


Just a reminder – The Opening Ceremonies are tonight – surprise the kids with this easy treat!

Jamie here, after prepping 40 tons of food for Super Bowl Sunday, I just didn’t have it in me to come up with any elaborate Olympic Cake ideas for Thursday – so I totally cheated with these Olympic Ring Cupcakes.  (Please don’t judge me!)

For this time-saving Olympic cake idea you need just 3 ingredients: Snack Cakes, M&M’s and Peanut Butter.  Sounds like your kinda recipe?  Me too :)


Here’s how to make this time-saving Olympic cake idea:

Instead of actually baking, I used a box of snack cakes to make these cute Olympic Ring Cupcakes in under 10 minutes.  And guys listen (Now you’re going to know the extent of the laziness…. Shhh, this one is just between us ;) ) – I couldn’t even be bothered to whip up some frosting to glue the M&M’s onto the cupcakes. No sir. (Did I mention how many tons of food I had to cook this past weekend for the Super Bowl?)

In fact, I thought long and hard about how best to be lazy for this one.  I made a few exploratory turns around the kitchen pondering the glue dilemma.  I might have almost even considered spreadable butter for a second.  (I said ALMOST, Okay! ) Finally I just pulled out a jar of peanut butter because that stuff makes exceptional glue.


If you want to jazz up your serving platter – scatter the rest of the M&M’s around until it looks festive.  To make an Olympic Gold Medal, glue a chocolate coin to a length of ribbon (or a shoelace, etc…) and place it on your platter.

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