OctNovemCember: It’s Here! The Most Wonderful Time of the Year to Start Saving for the Holidays.

Welcome to OctoNovemCember™, a season of holiday shopping where consumers seek out Black Friday savings every day.

It’s almost that time of year again, Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be here before we know it.  Are you one of the 54% of shoppers who wait until Black Friday to start shopping?  This year, RetailMeNot.com will be offering Black Friday savings every day October-December. They have even coined a new word to describe this shopping season – OctoNovemCember. 

Last year we asked you on facebook for your Black Friday Shopping Tips. I’ve included a couple of those tips below.

MY TIP – Stay home in your PJ’s and shop online with a cup of coffee and your feet up on the couch:)

Lori - Don’t go!

Elisha - If you are going to the mall, go with a partner and drop your car off Thursday evening near a door. Have your friend drive on Friday, but you have a car near an exit to drop packages in and keep shopping!

Amy – Put the most popular and important gifts at top of your list and find a place where you can get it all in one store.

Ashleigh – Here is my tip… Don’t go.. shop local and online!

Farah – Many stores nowadays have the same sale they have in stores online the day of Thanksgiving, that’s what I will be doing! Also, Wal-Mart is actually the best place to shop on Black Friday; sales start at midnight and they have all the big Black Friday deals right at the front of the store, no hunting! :)

Kathy – Just rest up during the day, take a short nap, I strategized with others that were waiting for the same thing, they got for me and I got for them.



So what in the world is OctoNovemCember?
Pumpkin-Headed Turkey Claus was appalled at the madness surrounding one-day-only holiday sales. The squabbling and stampeding were too much for him to bear. So he created a special time of year that lets you get great deals at your own pace.

Click here to learn about the OctoNovemCember™ shopping season and watch the video about Pumpkin-Headed Turkey Claus, the King of  OctoNovemCember™.

What about you?  Have you started shopping yet?  If not, when do you usually start?

Enter to win a $1,000 shopping spree:
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Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post from One2One Network and RetailMeNot.com. All opinions stated are my own.  Read my full disclosure policy here.




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