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Disclosure: I wrote this post will participating in a campaign as a Good Cook Kitchen Expert, on behalf of Good Cook and received a set of Nonstick Cutlery to facilitate my review. All views and and opinions regard to the products or company itself are my own and were not influenced, nor reviewed by the company prior to posting.

Nonstick_Cutlery Family

Recently, I was given the opportunity to review Good Cook nonstick cutlery as a Good Cook Kitchen Expert at no charge in exchange for my reviewing the product.  Since I have the same set of knives I received as a wedding shower gift over sixteen years ago I jumped at the chance.  I was especially excited to try out my first Santoku knife after watching Rachel Ray for years on TV dice veggies at lightening speed with hers.  I had no idea how dull my knife set had gotten, honestly I was using  steak knives for just about everything I have never had a complete set. I could not wait to put them to use!  After making a commitment to eat healthier last month, I put these knives to the test.  I have literally used them every single day since we are eating fresh fruits and veggies and have cut processed foods out of our diets.  Below I have included a couple of examples of how I have used the nonstick cutlery in my kitchen.

Also, Good Cook is giving away one set of non-stick knives to one Time 2 $ave reader!
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homemade chicken stock

For larger chunks of veggies I needed to make homemade chicken stock I used the 5″ Nonstick Santoku Knife. 


photo 9(1)

When dicing veggies into smaller pieces, I used the Nonstick Utility Knife.

cheezit dough rolled out

I used the Nonstick Paring Knife to slice these homemade Cheez-Its into squares.  (recipe here)


photo (1)

We love fresh pineapple, but I always hated cutting it up since my old knives were so dull.  The Nonstick Chef Knife, made the job easy breasy!


pineapple angel food cake

Had it not been for the Nonstick Bread Knife, this Pineapple Angel Food Cake would have been a sticky mess.  I just forgot to snap a picture of it!

All in all, these knives are amazing!  I especially loved the bright colors!  My favorite knife is the the Nonstick Utility Knife, I have found that I use it the most.  I didn’t realize what a difference a good set of knives can make.  I’ve spent A LOT of time cutting up fruits and veggies the past couple of weeks, and having the right knives has definitley saved me time!

Product Overview - Add some color to your cutting! These nonstick knives are fun to have in the kitchen.  They’re sleek, stylish high performers. Below, please find a general description of and link to each one. Safety note: Although every knife in this collection comes with its own fitted safety sheath, these products are not kids-in-the-kitchen friendly because they are very sharp. Please keep out of reach of children.

General Description - These nonstick-coated knives come in inviting colors for ready access—the bright coding signals that purple is for sandwiches, green is for paring, etc. The serrated blades are crafted from high-carbon steel, which stays sharp through regular use. The nonstick coating prevents crumbs from sticking. Each knife includes a safety sheath to help protect the blade and allow for safe storage. The soft-grip, ergonomic handle fits comfortably in the hand and provides better control when slicing and when hands are wet.

 Nonstick_Cutlery Family

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  1. Kristen says

    As much as I’d be tempted to keep these for myself….I was thinking of them as a gift for an upcoming housewarming party I’m attending.

  2. Rebekah H says

    I would love to have these knives with summer right around the corner a set of sharp knives will help with all of the vegetables I plan to freeze from our garden. Having a good knife makes chopping vegetables faster and safer.

  3. Nancy says

    I would love to win I’m moving to our newly constructed home in 2 weeks it would nice to have a new set of knives

  4. Blessie Nelson says

    Its been a life long journey to find a good cutting knife and I am still searching and now I am hoping this is the one! That’s why I would like to win :)

  5. Andrea Williams says

    I would love to have a set of knives for all different uses. Right now I tend to use the same one for everything. Love the colors!

  6. Cassandra Eastman says

    I would love to win because they look like amazing knives, I would definitely enjoy cooking more if I could chop stuff up a little easier! :) I love the colors!

  7. Barbara says

    I’ve had the same set of knives for about 20 years. They weren’t the best quality, but what we could afford at the time. I could really use a good set because I am cooking more than ever now and really notice how my knives don’t do the best job…..Thanks for the opportunity!

  8. Swati says

    I need some new knives in my kitchen to help me with all the cutting and chopping. Would really love to win this one. Hope I do!

  9. Shannon says

    I would love to win as my set of knives is so old and dull and these would brighten up my kitchen for sure!

  10. Julie says

    I do not currently own a good set of knives, but have been wanting to get one, as I am trying to eat healthier and use more fresh produce and vegetables. A good set of knives would really help in preparing good meals for my family.

  11. Elizabeth says

    I have always wanted a set of these knives! I love to cook and experiment with new recipes and am constantly using fresh fruits and veggies, these would be an amazing addition to my kitchen!

  12. Betsy says

    I would love to win a set. I have eyed these knives before, and wondered if they were any good. I have a 10 year old set of knives that I would love to replace, but feel they are still in good enough shape that our money should continue to go towards paying off debit. This would be a nice reward for being patient and paying off my debit first before splurging!

  13. Paige M says

    I am pregnant with our first child and would love to win these knives as I am now eating healthier and when baby is older I am planning on making on making their baby food! These would be a huge help. Plus I wouldn’t have to use my steak knives to cut everything haha!

  14. Julianne says

    I would love to have some more choices of sharp knives in the kitchen to make dinner preparation enjoyable!

  15. Renee says

    I have one Wiltshire knife received as a wedding gift that is sharp. I could really use some sharp knives!

  16. Jessica S. says

    Looks like a fun set to try. Would love to win to have a good full set of knives since I do a lot of cooking.

  17. Simone says

    We have been needing a set of knives for some time now. All that I have are dull and make it hard to cut with. We would LOVE to win!

  18. Diane Brown says

    I would love to have a knive that does not stick to food when I’m cutting it. Love the colors too.

  19. Brandi says

    I would love to win these knives because they match my kitchen perfectly.My husband is the chef at my house(he’s pretty amazing at it!) and this would be an awesome gift for him!

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