Nielsen Home Panel: Scan Groceries ~ Get Gift Cards!

Attention! National Consumer Panel is accepting new applicants for a limited time!

Those accepted will receive a scanner to track grocery purchases, and in return earn gift cards, electronics and other prizes-  We had one email from a lady who has done it a couple years now and earned a treadmill!

We’ve had lots of readers write in to say they were finally accepted to this program – so I encourage you to TRY AGAIN NOW! NCP is run by Nielsen – a trusted household name in consumer research.

Apply Here

Make sure to check your spam folder to see if you’ve been accepted – sometimes the emails will go there!

The longer you’re a member, the more you are able to earn – so get on board and start redeeming points for gift cards and other sweet merchandise!  Click Here to join.

Remember: If you decide you no longer want to participate – you can always return your scanner & quit for free.


  1. Marry says

    I would like to receive a email of when the application process will actually take place. I am a friend of one of your current consumers and I love how easy it is to save, scan, shop and all with a repeat without spending a lot.

  2. Cheryl Jimenez says

    I am a member of Nielson group for sign on internet and surveys. I want to join the group to scan groceries at home. But it tells me this offer has expired. Please allow me to join too.

  3. Anna says

    I was trying to find the website, so I did a search and I found this info on thought it might be of interest…

    “There occurs a variant of times in which I must warn others of impending malice, regarding a consumer agency referenced within the past. While I hate to bring negative attention with reference to any corporation I do feel that it is my responsibility to bring forth an alert to poor business practices.

    In late October 2010 I signed up as a consumer for National Consumer Panel (NCP), a company baring the Better Business Bureau accreditation. It was to my understanding that the aforementioned company was approved to survey consumers nationwide with relation to their store purchases. Also to my understanding National Consumer Panel was comparable to many other consumer research agencies that I currently work with; in concept, members complete pre-qualified surveys for a small monetary payout. Two weeks after signing up I received a package from this panel via Fed-Ex shipping that I was not expecting. Labeling on the package indicated the medium sized box indicated the sender and prompted me the package contained “important” information as to my membership. Contents of the box contained a rather large and peculiar electronic device, further investigation revealed that I was to take the device to the stores with me and scan barcodes of various items; as well as utilize the object to scan purchased products UPC labels that I had within my home. I was indeed confused in regards to why I was sent a barcode scanner when I signed up to only complete surveys, with no other interest.

    Once the package was received I begin to receive phone calls from the National Consumer Panel and on many days received more than two phone calls per day, some of these phone calls were well after 8pm. Daily phone calls of this nature are still occurring to date. I allowed voice mail to pick up many of these extreme calling due to the fact I was just too busy with daily life. I did speak to a female representative on several occasions and explained that I was not interested in the scanner and would return the device so not to be charged. This female pushed me to keep the scanner so that I could transmit a minimum of one purchase and after I could return the barcode scanner if I didn’t think its use would fit into my schedule, I would still receive surveys for reward amounts via e-mail. Desiring to rid myself of the device I did entertain the idea of scanning barcodes with was difficult, if not impossible for the scanner; I also could not transmit the data, nor could I access my account through member identification. Catching the next daily phone harassment I relayed this information to the female who I had spoken with prior. In all phone calls I made the point to inquire as to the surveys and tell the call center employee that I signed up with no other interest. She pushed me again to keep the device, which frustrated me deeply. I boxed up the item and inquired various times for a postal label and a return address. By the time I was pressing my own issue for a return prepaid label and location for a return, National Consumer Panel was threatening to charge me hundreds of dollars ($200+) for the scanner if I did not send the device back, I had no indication of where or to whom.

    I am now being threatened by an attorney in regards to the barcode scanner from National Consumer Panel, a device that I returned. Frustrated and desiring to return the device and being harassed by the excessive phone calls I wanted to ensure no charges were made and that the scanner would get to whom I was to send it to. Results were finally made in December when I emailed the company and requested the information; I received the prepaid label two weeks later – near the Christmas rush. Subsequent to the holiday I returned the package in original packaging. Fed-Ex supplied me with a shipping ticket with the information as to the return. This data and proof I have now sent to the National Consumer Panel, the male who I received the return shipping label from, and I also have given the information to the agency by phone. I received legal notification, January 4, 2011. The letter does state it is not to collect a debt yet threatens in three legally typed paragraphs that I have failed to meet qualifications of the company and I must return the device or charges will be filed for monetary reimbursement for a kept, lost, or stolen barcode scanner. Again, I signed up to complete surveys as to my purchases with no additional interest. I have yet to receive a survey. I did not indicate I would scan UPC labels and transmit such intimate data, in fact I opted out of the electronic membership form.

    Please be warned that the National Consumer Panel has what I believe to be very poor practices of business and fails to adhere to members who opt out of household barcode scanning. Members will be harassed via mobile and/or landline phone calls daily for the duration of membership, at duration of 1-4 phone calls each day; some after 8pm and prior to 8am. Opting out is at times ignored and many complaints can be verified online through Google search. Legal action may occur and credit scores will be endangered, even with compliance.”

  4. Amanda says

    I couldnt get the page to come up. It just gives me a blank page. Even tried copy & paste and used a diff browser.

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