New Years Eve Party: 7 Family Fun Ideas & Crafts!

new years ball

New Years Eve means party time – and even if you’re just staying home for a low-key family party, you can still have a great time with these 7 easy and FREE crafts and ideas!  Here are 7 FUN & FREE ways to celebrate New Years Eve and make sure that 2015 goes out with a BANG!

Party Decorations  Make a banner out of leftover tinsel garland glued to cardboard numbers.  Easy and sparkly!  You can also make your own countdown ball/disco ball by stringing white Christmas lights around a ball and hanging it from the ceiling.  In years past we’ve made a “New Years Ball” by stringing white christmas lights around a ball of some sort and hanging it from the celing.  I am sure you can imagine how ghetto-beautiful this is.  But it matters not!!!  Plug in the lights, and INSTANT AMBIENCE!  It also makes a fine disco ball for the dancing that will ensue.

Toilet Paper Confetti Poppers: Fill toilet paper rolls with confetti and wrap in tissue paper or construction paper.  Tie the ends with ribbons.  Pull the paper on both ends to release the confetti.

Balloon Countdown: Blow up enough balloons so that you can pop one each hour of the countdown.  Write the hour on each balloon and let the kids take turns!  You could even get creative and put a prize or confetti in each one.

Party Food: Bake a “Clock Cake” to help countdown the hours in a yummy way – and set out lots of finger foods that the kids will like.


Play Dress Up!  My family started dressing up for New Years Eve years ago – and not in the strict sense of the word either.  I make my hubby wear that too-tight-vest that I think makes him look like one of the “Newsies” ;) and I put on some crazy formal gown that I’d never get a chance to wear otherwise  My kiddos come out of their rooms in clothes ranging from “Date-Casual” to “Head-To-Toe-Cowboy” to “Batman”.  Addie, once “dressed up” as a dinosaur for New Years Eve!

Countdown Bags:  Make a bag for each hour with a few activities or prizes inside!  More ways to pass the time: We put on music and just let the kids do their thing.  Or challenge your family to a Video-Game Face-Off, Charades, balloon-volleyball, board games, or just watch movies.

Noisemakers:  You can make this cute noisemaker craft using plastic cups filled with beans, buttons, rice or other smal items.  Let the kids decorate them to pass the time.  When the midnight hour arrives (or, about 10 o’clock for the kiddos) we usually go outside and bang pots and pans and blow horns together shouting “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” to the neighborhood.  You can also pop bubble wrap that you received in all those holiday packages – and shoot silly string at each other.

Whatever you do with your family to ring in the New Year, just have fun with it!  :)

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