New Workshop Giveaway: Remembering 2009

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Well, friends, the old year has slipped away once again and a new one begun.  In thinking back over the past year, we’re so happy for the chances we had to bless others when we were blessed.  Because really, that’s one of the most satisfying parts about being frugal and shopping strategically with coupons – the unexpected ability to give more to others!
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I can think of a few times personally that I was so glad I could fill a few bags of groceries from my stockpile to hand to a friend in need – groceries that otherwise would have been a real hardship to give away.  I know Kelly & Kasey have their own stories, and I am pretty sure you have some of your own, too….

Please comment below – or email us – to share a time YOU were able to be a blessing or minister to someone else as a result of being a couponer! 

Hopefully, your stories will inspire others who are becoming successful savers and show them how they can not only make time to save, but time to GIVE in the year 2010.

 Oh yeah – I almost forgot!  Anyone who emails or comments to share with us all will be entered to win a Gift Certificate for ALL 3 WORKSHOPS (*A $40 Value) for yourself or a friend!  
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