New Video: Bi-Lo Shopping with Kasey (FREE Bounty Napkins!)


Watch the video above to see Kasey’s “Happy Dance”.  Oh yeah, and also how to shop at Bi-Lo for free things…. ;)

Currently, Bi-Lo has Bounty Napkins (the small pack) on Price Lock for $1. Using the $.50/1 Bounty Napkins coupon from the 4/1 P&G Insert, we were able to get FREE napkins this week!

“Good Things Come in Small Packages”:
One tip to keep in mind when couponing is that sometimes the smallest-sized products are the best deal (I know, counter-intuitive when you’re used to buying in bulk to save money, right?). Because some coupons don’t have size restrictions on them, you can use a high-value coupon on a low-priced item to get it FREE!


  1. says

    “limit one coupon per item” if the pseorn at the register is not aware of their policy, then I give them as many coupons as I have. If they tell me the limit, then I say fine, then I will pay individual transactions, but that has not happened to me yet. I have enough panty shields to last me for the next 5yrs.It’s great that some people knows how and gets these great deals. If they go in and wipe out the shelf, then the staff will just go in the back get more off their pallet and restock. If they don’t have any more, then you just need to go back another day. You mean to say, YOU have never taken the last item off a shelf? I know I have, even if it was just one left. I’m not gonna say “hhhhmm, I don’t want to take the last one, maybe I better leave it for someone else.” Hell no! I’m taking that item. You all just said you love a good deal, so this leads me to believe that you would do the same thing, if you could.

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