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Time 2 $ave – Where to find coupons. 7/26/2011


Coupons are everywhere! Like so many others, we just weren’t looking in the right places. Below you’ll see some of the common places to spot coupons. Remember even though you may not be purchasing the item at the time, you still want to get a couple (no more than 2) for when you do purchase the item. Goal: Store Sale + Coupon = Rock bottom prices!





  • Sunday Newspaper Inserts – most manufacturer’s coupons come out weekly in the Sunday paper. These coupons are regional, though so you’ll still want to use other sources. The key is to buy multiple copies of the newspaper. This will really help you with stockpiling and allow you to buy multiples of the products. We recommend buying one newspaper per member of your family. Each week we let you know what inserts to expect on Sunday.

  • Internet – most manufacturers offer coupons on their website, facebook page and other medias. We help you sort through the madness by directing you to the reputable sites that offer the best deals.

  • Stores – you’ll always want to keep an eye out for tearpads, blinkies, booklets, special offers, and many other coupons are scattered throughout most grocery stores. Is this Coupon Lingo all greek to you? Check out our Lingo Decoder Page HERE!

  • Manufacturer – if there’s a particular brand that you buy regularly, but can’t seem to find coupons for the products, contact the manufacturer. A simple email Just for kicks, see our short movie here!


  • Magazines – the most popular is All You Magazine. It is a money saving magazine that also offers tips to save in all areas of your life. Monthly issues usually carry $50-$100 worth of coupons. You can subscribe on our website store.

  • Other Sources: When you’re looking for several of the same coupon, you might want to consider ordering coupons from coupon clipping services like CouponDede or Ebay. Sellers charge for the time spent to collect/cut/and ship coupons – not for the coupons themselves.


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