New Series: Summer Travel Bargains (Let’s Go On Vacation!)

I have a confession to make: My family of 6 has never been on a “real” vacation.

It’s not as terrible as it sounds – growing up, I just went camping tons of times each year whenever my dad wasn’t working overtime.  Now that I’m a mom – the kiddos hop from VBS to Boy Scout Twilight Camp, etc… and stay pretty entertained throughout the summer.

But it hit us this year that our eldest is going into middle school in the fall.  We don’t have lots of time left to make family vacation magic happen! It’s high time we take an honest-to-goodness family trip – and as in all other areas of our life – we need to find a bargain!

To that end, I’ve been signing up for lots of great sites lately that offer discounted hotel packages, travel rates, etc…   Starting today – I’m going to suggest two bargain-sites a day that I’ve looked through and like.  Let me know if you already use any that you think are worthwhile!


  • This cool site sends an email of the “Top 20″ deals they’ve found each day.  For example, today one of the Top 20 is a Myrtle Beach 2-Bedroom Upscale Oceanfront Condo for $199 a night. This place is GORGEOUS and the rate is 75% OFF Summer time rates!
  • There’ve also got a list of Memorial Day Airfare Specials – Starting at $39 each way!!
  • One more thing I like – they have a “Test-Booking” center where they call and “test book” each deal to make sure nothing’s a hassle, no dates change, no hidden fees pop-up, etc…

Family Getaways:

  • I JUST found this site today – and if you sign up right now HERE, you’ll get $100 off your first package!  You can buy some seriously cheap packages, like 2-night stays for $124.  That $100 discount would make it just $24!!
  • You can either bid on these packages, auction-style, or choose the “Buy Now” option, which is a little bit pricier than the starting bid.  I’m a “Buy Now” girl myself – and these were still great deals.
  • One more thing – if you change your mind about your booking FOR ANY REASON – you get a full refund!  That makes me happy :)

Here’s an example of one of the deals I like -it’s a 3-Night Stay in Branson, MO! If you bid on it at $300, and used your $100 off credit, you’d get such a great deal!



  1. Jamie says

    Rhonda – you sound like you’re an old pro at this! I’d love any tips you have – because I truly am a newbie at this!

  2. Tonya says

    check out the website called snique away. They have some awesome deals too. But they are usually last minute type of things.

  3. Rhonda says

    I love this series! Travel is one of my favorite hobbies and I’ve become pretty good at it, but I’m always looking for new ways to save! My husband and I live on one income, but we’ve gotten to do some awesome trips very cheap! Two years ago we went to Las Vegas (no gambling, but lots of sights!) and the Grand Canyon for $425……total, not each! :) That was airfare from Jacksonville, FL, five nights on the Strip and two tickets to a Cirque de Solieil (sp?) show! I was quite proud of that one!

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