*New Series* | Starting Your Very Own Garden!

Today begins a fun new Thursday night series – written by our dear friend Elizabeth over at Green Urban Farmers. She has a passion for growing healthy food for her family – and she’ll be showing us step-by-step how to start our own gardens.  Come back each Thursday for more tips and new weekly gardening “assignments” from Elizabeth!


Kasey & Kelly, thanks so much for inviting us to join Time2Save!

Sandy & I are the Green Urban Farmers and we’re excited about this opportunity to share some of our knowledge with you to help you continue to SAVE money, create memories, and learn something in your own backyard!  Visit our website, greenurbanfarmers.com, to read more about us and follow our gardening blog!

Having a garden can be one of the most rewarding adventures.  There’s so much to do and learn about when you’ve got a garden, not to mention all the great stuff you eat without paying for it!

If you’ve got kids, your garden can become an outdoor science classroom, home economics classroom, and even a classroom that teaches your youngsters about life and responsibility at an even deeper level.

Since the gardening season is upon us for Summer planting, we’re going to spend the next couple of weeks talking about getting started with your garden and how to keep it going.  Now is the perfect time to get your gear together and dig in!

Today we’re just going to talk about getting started.

So, you want to start a garden…

You may not be interested in anything huge, because maybe it’s just you or you two, or maybe you just want to piddle in some dirt without a lot of work–it can be done!

Maybe you’ve got grand ideas (like my husband had) and you want to till a big space so you can can green beans or feed your family of 6, like ours–it can be done!

A few things to think about before you dig:

  1. Think about the size of your garden.  Remember that you want to enjoy this endeavor and not begrudge it once you get started.  We recommend for all you first-timers that you start off small.  You can always expand!  You have everything to gain from starting off small!  To give an example of what “small” means, consider something like a 4′ x 4′ area.
  2. Can you or do you want to dig in your yard? Or would you rather do an above ground bed?  Or maybe even some container gardens with cute pots here and there!  Green Urban Farmers can help you with your selection!  We’ve done a blog about container gardening to help you out!  Visit us to find out more: greenurbanfarmers.com

Here are a  couple of  containers we found ideal!:

Now the pot with all the holes in it is called a Strawberry Planter and it is used specifically for Strawberries.  We’ll talk about fruit in your garden later but it’s such a cool pot to work with!

  1. Where does your yard get at least 6 hours of full sun? This is a very important requirement for your garden spot.  All vegetables that grow require lots of sunshine to grow and produce!  (At least most of them do).
  2. What do you want to grow? Think about what vegetables your family eats on a regular basis and consider growing some of these vegetables that you know your family will eat and won’t waste.

Take some time to be thinking about these things.  Next week, we’ll give you some “how-to’s” about putting your garden together.

Start a gardening notebook where you can keep these important facts we just listed.  Write down the answers to the 4 questions above so you’ll be ready to start digging!

**Green Urban Farmers locally sells raised beds in different sizes and shapes!**

Visit our website:


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