NEW Post-it Printable Coupon

Oh how I love Post-It’s.  I have never tried a dispenser though!  It would probably look a lot better than a bunch of random squares all over the house so I think I will give it a try!

$2/1 Post-It Pop-Up Note Dispenser (zip 37421)

Want a great idea for Post-It’s?  You can use them to make a game out of your child’s school work!  Write one answer per Post-It and stick it to a wall, window, or anything.  Ask the question and have your child find the answer on the Post-It’s.  Allow your child to stick the right answers on the refrigerator for an easy way to show off his efforts!  Want to make it even more fun?  Hide the Post-It’s around the house and let your child run around to find the answer.  Make learning fun!

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