*New!* Introducing Swagbucks TV! (Earn More Bucks)

Starting TODAY – Swagbucks is getting a little more fun and exciting with a NEW way to earn Swagbucks – called Swagbucks TV!

They’re launching their own video portal, where you have the opportunity to earn Swagbucks for watching videos on a variety of topics (Very much like a YouTube “Best Of”).

There will even be special Swag Codes every day which reward people for answering trivia questions about the videos featured on the site.  I just watched a short clip on the Top 5 Movie Robin Hoods – I’m guessing my new knowledge of the most popular Robin Hood (I’m not telling who!!)  is going to end up being the answer for some question that earns me Swagbucks!!

Not doing Swagbucks yet?

Join TODAY by clicking HERE, and you can use this special Promo code to get *30 Bonus Swagbucks* to get you started: “SBTVisOnTheAir”
(This code is only valid through Friday, Oct. 22!)

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