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*New Feature* Couponing at 18: Elizabeth’s Journey

Here’s a different take on couponing that you don’t hear about often!

We’d like to introduce you to a new regular feature you’ll be seeing on Time2Save. I want to let our guest do most of the talking – so I won’t say much, save that we met her just recently and she is such a sweet blessing of a young woman we asked her to share with you. We’d like to bring her into your lives in a small way each week – as she takes us on a journey with her.

Hey everyone, my name is Elizabeth and I am so excited to be able to share with you.

I am eighteen years old, a full time college student, and I work.   However, family comes first for me. This is why I decided to find a way to help my parents out. Like almost everyone my parents are struggling financially and every little bit helps. I learned about a coupon seminar from my sister-in-law and I thought this would be a great way to help out.

I arrived at the coupon seminar very excited, because I knew this would be an amazing chance to help my parents save money. I learned that it is possible to save hundreds of dollars monthly by using coupons. Which to me is so amazing!!! Okay, I’m off to try what I have learned so far. Wish me luck!  Thank you for reading my blog, and I will keep you posted on my journey through the couponing world.

Your thrifty friend,



  1. You are amazing and it can save a lot of money. Then you can help your parents and others. It is amazing how it starts and how it can grow. Best of luck!!! :)

  2. Welcome Elizabeth, looking forword to reading about your jorneys

  3. lorraine becker says:

    I look forward to reading about your journey. You sound very wise and compassionate for someone your age. Now find me some great DEALS!

  4. Great job on the new blog Elizabeth! Look forward to reading more about your journey :)

  5. Mary Beth Williams says:

    Hey girl! I started couponing at 23 and am now 24…I wish I had had the knowledge I have now whenever I was entering college!! It has been such a blessing to my husband and I as newlyweds over the past several months. Welcome!

  6. Amy Simpson says:

    Elizabeth it is great to meet you I hope that you have a wonderful time couponing. My daughter is 17 and graduates this year so I have been trying to show her how to coupon she is loving and already sees the great benefits. Thanks for letting us follow your journey

  7. sam burgess says:

    What lucky parents you have!
    I started couponing when I was 22, but two years later, I have two babies and a family of my own to take care of. I think it’s awesome that you’re taking this on for your parents…. just don’t ever let it get you down. When I first started, I’d be in the checkout line feeling so good about myself– then the cashier would tell me why I couldn’t use 5 of my 10 coupons and I’d say…. “okay.” Now I smile and ask, “Can you call the manager, please?”
    You’ve got this whole online community to help you out… don’t get discouraged- it’s way too awesome of a deal/lifestyle to do this!!! :)

  8. Welcome Elizabeth, this journey you are about to embark will be the most amazing journey in your young adult life, let me tell you,, I wish I knew about coupons when I was your age, I sure would have loved to help my momma the way you wish to help your parents…gosh with a family of 9 coupons would have been awsome!!!……..please keep us posted on your progress, I just know you will be in awe over all the savings you find!! Good Luck!!!

  9. Dusty Clayton says:

    I love the blog and I can’t wait to hear what God has in store for you! This is an amazing opportunity so hold on tight and enjoy the ride!!! We love you and are so proud of you :)

  10. awesome of you to be responsible enough to contribute to the family in such a meaningful way!

  11. Donna Bryant says:

    Welcome Elizabeth. It is so nice to see someone so young interested in saving money…Look forward to hearing about your experiences.

  12. Welcome Elizabeth, I look forward to reading some of your journey.
    thank you for sharing.

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