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If you ❤  Time2Save & you’re a girl who likes to wear her heart on her sleeve (or neck, or keychain!) – we’ve added some fun new items to our Time2Save Online Shoppe!  Now listen, we don’t want any of you to go spend next week’s rent money on these – but if you’ve got a little extra, this is a great way to support the Time2Save Website & get a cute little something for yourself!

Time2Save 3-Ring Zip Binder

First up, is the awesome new TIme2Save Logo Binder.  We handpicked a great couponing binder for you, that zips closed, has an accordian file up front, and is sturdy and cute.  Plus – you’re bound to get recognized as one of those “Coupon Ladies” now!  You can also get the super-sturdy divided coupon pages in our online store.

Time2Save  T-Shirts!

Looking to get a sweet shirt like this one (modeled by none other than yours truly)?  Here I am volunteering at She Expo with Kelli Hodge – see the front & back of this cute tee.  I am totally wearing mine to Publix tomorrow – you’ll be able to spot me a mile away!

Butterfly Keychain Fob!

Our Time2Save Butterfly Keychain is very cute – and practical!  It fits around your wrist to keep your keys (and store loyalty cards) handy while you load your very-cheap groceries into the trunk.  Also – I like these because it makes it easier to find in my giant purse…..

Flutterfriends Necklace!

Last but not least – check out the Flutterfriends Necklace!  This would be sweet to get for your favorite coupon buddy (aka. Flutter-Friend) – but also, we just think it’s downright pretty!
Besides, the Buttefly is a symbol of HOPE & TRANSFORMATION, and that’s what we’re all about here at Time2Save.

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