A “New Creation Makeover” – I’m game how about you?

.I (Kasey) am going to go ahead and warn you – this might get ugly.  First, I’m gonna be brutally honest about myself and second this is going to be a really long post.   I don’t have it all together, not even close.  I’ve got all kinds of  junk – issues – situations whatever you want to call it that I deal with, and an abundant supply.  However, hands down THE BIGGIE is that I am extremely insecure and afraid of being criticized or made fun of.

The first time Kelly and I were on TV, I thought I would surely die.  Not because I didn’t know what to say – I talk more than 5 girls put together.  No – I was terrified that by “putting myself out there,”  hundreds maybe thousands of people would criticize, and make fun of me. Even worse, with today’s technology the opportunities are endless - rewind, pause, record… uh-huh and watch it over and over again.  Not only was I putting myself in a very vulnerable position, but one that could be revisited any number of times after the fact.

Sounds silly, I’m sure, to many people – but very real to me.  It wasn’t cool being the only 6ft tall chick at school, and mu nickname “Big Bird” wasn’t meant to be flattering.  I’m sure no one else has crazy insecurities and fears right?  Like my friend Kristin for example -a Godly wife, mom to 5 children, the kindest person I have ever met, she has the  most beautiful blue eyes and I am certain her house is always spotless.  I admire her, look up to her, I think she’s “supermom.”

This week she started a blog, which surprised me because I just knew in all her free time she played special games with her kids and read them books all day.  As I began to read, I quickly realized she doesn’t have it all together and she’s not afraid to admit it.  I’d like to introduce you to my friend Kristin, a precious woman willing to bare her soul on a purposeful journey to a total makeover….from the inside – out!  (For the record…..I still think she’s the “stuff,” no matter what she says)

Is there anything in your life that you want to change. Something you have said you were going to do or have even started but quit. Do you want to get in shape, get healthy, get organized, get closer to God, start drinking more water, get control of your finances, or if you are a new mom. . .even a goal to shower every day is a good goal! LOL!

But please, join me in your own makeover! See my “About ” page to learn more about what we are doing! Let’s get excited, and let’s get this going!

So. . .what is this about? Well, here it is. I had my baby Daniel 6 months ago. I had a really hard pregnancy and things kind of got out of control. . .my weight, my health, my relationships, my order in my home, my finances, and. . . as sad as it sounds. . . my personal time with the Lord. I remember, very clearly, thinking, “Ok. . .now I have had this baby and am feeling better. It’s time to get my life back in order!” And, then life happened. . .and here it is, 6 months (and if I really want to be honest. . .almost 7! ugh) later; and in all honesty, things are a lot the same! I have a lot of excuses that I could use. . .but, truth is. . .I just haven’t set my mind to it. Even more, I don’t have the ability on my own to do it! I have to have His help! So, that is what I’m crying out for. . .His help! I need to have a Total Mom Makeover. . .but it has to start from the inside!

I have come to the conclusion that I refuse to look at my life in 6 months and it look the same as it does today. I want to be becoming all that He created me to be. I want to be working on every area of my life so that I can walk in His good and perfect will!

I don’t expect this to be easy. And, I’m certain that at the beginning, it won’t even be fun! I’m pretty sure that I will want to quit and have good reasons to. However, I am making a commitment. In the next 6 months, starting on June 1, 2011, with God’s help, I am going to have a total mommy makeover. . .truly from the inside out.

  • I am going to draw closer to Him.
  • I am going to feed my temple (my body) with the healthy nutrition it needs.
  • I am going to exercise my temple.
  • I am going to work at becoming a better and more Godly helpmate to my husband.
  • I am going to be the mother to my children that will equip them to do God’s work
  • I am going to organize and create order in my home. . .both spiritually and physically.
  • I am going to become a better steward of our money.

I am not an expert at any of these. But, I plan to find out who is and learn from them. And, I will be happy to pass on what I’ve learned and my successes (and I’m sure even some failures) with you!

So, here is my question. Does anyone want to join me? Does anyone else think. . .there are some things that I need to change? There are some areas that I really need to work on, and I need God’s help? Join me. . .it doesn’t have to be the same areas as me! It doesn’t have to be the same ways that I am going to do it! It can just be one thing if you want! But, what a great way to hold one another accountable. What a great way to. . .instead of comparing ourselves. . .uplift each other. . .with prayer and encouragement! What a great way to start your own mommy makeover. . .from the inside-out!

Join me! Let me know what you’re doing! Let’s do this together! Let’s become the new creation that He has called us to be! I’m excited for this journey. . .and I’m even more excited you are coming too!

In Him,


June 1st Day One:   The Journey Begins *HERE*

Let’s jump on over and see how her day went.  I’m going to join her which means – going to bed before 4am.

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