Netflix: FREE 1-Month Trial and New Features (We LOVE it!)

Word on the street is that Netflix rates are going up- and soon. (Check out this USA Today article) After Amazon’s recent Prime price-hike it’s no surprise that Netflix will be following suit – but those of us who got in at the $7.99/month rate will be grandfathered in at this rate for 2 years. :)

This is the perfect time to take advantage of the Netflix FREE 1 Month Trial Offer.   My family loves uses Netflix every. single. day.  If it weren’t for my hubby and his Sports addiction, we’d ONLY use Netflix.  I think it’s worth every penny of the $7.99 a month we pay to subscribe.




In case it’s been awhile since you’ve tried Netflix, they’re not just a mail-order movie company anymore…

Netflix Features we love:


Watch Instantly – watch TV episodes & movies streaming over the Internet to your TV (via an Xbox 360, PS3, Wii or any streaming device).   You can also watch watch instantly on your Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Mac!


Set up Users – and Netflix will recommend stuff based just for you.  I like to log in at night and see only the shows I like – I don’t want to get recommended to watch new episodes of SpongeBob or a sports documentary.  (In case you couldn’t tell, I’m “Princess Mom”)




The selection is massive – with something for absolutely everyone.  An extra-great family friendly feature is Netflix Kids.  Netflix Kids is a section just for kids, that contains no “grown up” titles, scary movie covers, etc…  They log on to that section only, and I have peace of mind.  I like to use this feature at sleepovers, when I’m allowing them to chill out and watch tv for a few hours late at night.


There are TONS of movies & tv shows available – both old and new.  Missed out on the Downton Abbey boat the first time around?  Start it now!  Whether you want to relive your high-school days with a “My So-Called Life” marathon, or the kids were excited to watch a Disney classic before bedtime…  there is so much quality programming available.

Plus – you can plan a couch-date with your sweetie in about 5 minutes – just search the Romance category, or check out Classics or Comedy – whatever floats your boat for some snuggle time :)

To sign up for your free one month trial, click HERE.



Your trial will begin as soon as you select “Start Membership” – in time to plan a little movie night for this evening!  Cancel anytime during your 1 month free membership and you will not be charged.

Do you use Netflix?  If you have it – let us know if you like it!


  1. Lindsay says

    We love Netflix at our house. We use the instant streaming daily and rarely watch any other TV. Best app ever for my Ipod too!

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