National Consumer Panel is Hiring Again!

Just found out that the National Consumer Panel is still hiring!

If you like to give your opinions about today’s products and earn great rewards, then joining this program is for you! As a panelist, you earn valuable points, which are redeemable for GIFT CARDS, as well as electronics, household items, jewelry, toy, and more.

If you are accepted as panelists in your area, you’ll receive a handheld scanner to scan your groceries. No landline is required for this offer. Whenever you transmit the information on your scanner online to NCP, you’ll earn points.

Some may find this as time consuming and tedious, but I have a friend who loves to do this. She and the kids makes shopping a family affair. She said that scanning can really be a hassle at first, so you have to take that into consideration before applying. Good thing is that her kids love to scan! Aside from being a home scanner she also receive surveys where she earns extra points. You are also automatically qualified to join their sweepstakes, where great prizes are at stake. And according to her the longer you stay in the program as a home scanner, the better points you’ll earn and the better opportunities you receive. Click here!

- Thanks MadameDeals!

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