National Catalina Deals: October Updated

Ever wish you knew what Catalina’s were going on and which ones were coming?  Here is a current list of Catalina’s that are either STORE SPECIFIC or NATIONWIDE at participating stores.   Remember, this is a PREVIEW of expected Catalina’s – it varies a little from store to store and can change.  Note that some Catalina’s are store specific, you’ll need to check out COUPONNETWORK.COM to see if your store is included (Look under YourBucks offers)

Catalina Refresher Course HERE.

Catalina = A coupon that prints out after you purchase a certain number of select items – and can be used for your next order.
OYNO = On Your Next Order
(For more coupon abbreviations & explanations – go HERE .)

Expected Catalina Coupons (Please Confirm or Add Any!):

Gain® Products (expires 10/29/2011)
Buy Gain® Detergent PLUS two additional Gain products – Get $5.00 ONYO

DOLE® All Natural Fruit (expires 10/26/2011)
Buy 4 or more 24.5oz. jars of DOLE® All Natural Fruit – Get 50¢ ONYO

DEPEND® Products (10/14/2011)
Buy 4 or more DEPEND® products – Get  $4.00 ONYO


DOLE® Frozen Fruit (10/26/2011)
Buy 3 or or more packages of any DOLE® Frozen Fruit – Get 50¢ ONYO


Glade® and Ziploc® products (expires 12/25/2011)
Buy $15 or more of participating Glade® and Ziploc® products – Get $5.00 ONYO


Del Monte® Canned Fruits, Vegetables, and Tomatoes  (expires 12/25/2011)
buy $10 or more on Del Monte® Canned Fruits, Vegetables, and Tomatoes – Get $3.00 ONYO


POST Pebbles Cereals and Treatss  (expires 10/19/2011) *Working at Bi-Lo!!
Buy 5 or more POST Pebbles Cereals and Treats – Get $4.00 ONYO


Canine Carry Outs® dog snacks (expires 10/26/2011)
Buy 2 Canine Carry Outs® dog snacks – Get $75¢ ONYO


FRESCHETTA® Pizza (expires 10/30/2011)
Buy 3 or more FRESCHETTA® Pizzas 12oz or larger – Get $5.00 ONYO


FARMER JOHN® Rope Sausage (expires 10/30/2011)
Buy 3 or more FARMER JOHN® Rope Sausage – Get $2.00 ONYO


DOLE® Real Fruit Bites (expires 10/26/2011)
Buy 3 or more packages of DOLE® Real Fruit Bites – Get $2.00 ONYO


Keebler® and/or Sunshine® Multi-Packs (expires 10/21/2011)
Buy 4 or more Keebler® and/or Sunshine® Multi-Packs – Get $3.00 ONYO


Keebler® &/or Sunshine® Right Bites® Snacks (expires 10/21/2011)
Buy 5 or more Keebler® and/or Sunshine® 100 Calorie Right Bites® Snacks – Get $4.00 ONYO

Dean’s® Dip (expires 10/30/2011)
Buy 2 or more Dean’s® Dip 12oz or larger – Get $1.00 ONYO


McCormick® Products (expires 10/21/2011)
in future savings when you buy McCormick® Herbs, Spices, Black Pepper, Garlic & Onion, Extracts or Food Color – Get $2.50 ONYO


Pampers® Diapers and Wipes (expires 10/16/2011)
Buy $25 or more of Pampers® Diapers and Wipes – Get $5.00 ONYO


Visa Gift Cards (expires 10/18/2011)
Buy $100 or more in Visa Gift Cards – Get $10.00 ONYO


Listerine® Pocket Packs (expires 10/14/2011)
Buy  four or more Listerine® Pocket Packs 72 Count or Larger – Get $4.00 ONYO

If you find any that we don’t have listed, please leave a comment below.  We’d also appreciate your leaving a comment if any of the offers listed above worked as listed.

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