My UGO Trip: Cheap Yogurt, Bread, Flowers, Vitamin Water and Juice Boxes!

I stopped by United Grocery Outlet this week and found lots of good deals to share with you guys!  The availability of the items shown varies by store – but if you go early in the week (the big truck comes on Sundays, the bread truck on Thursdays) you’re likely to get the best deals.

I got Yoplait Trix Yogurt for $1.99 for (4) 6-Packs and Yoplait Go-Gurt for $.79 per box.  My kids were thrilled – they can have yogurt every day after school for a snack!

  • Earth Balance Peanut Butter is $1.59
  • Russet Potatoes for $.69/lb
  • Green Giant Carrots for $1.29/bag
  • Stokely’s Italian Flat Green beans for $.50/can

  • Sara Lee bread was $1.29 each (reg. price there!)
  • Chicken Noodle Soup (from Applebees YUM!) $1.99 for a 9-Serving Bag
  • Floral Bouquet $1.99

  • Vitamin Water 6-Packs for $1.50 each
  • Genesis Today Power Ranger Juice-Box 6-Packs for $1 each

If you’d like to get these deals  – just locate a UGO close to you and start getting their weekly ad!  Let us know what you find in your store – I love to go in and find bargain surprises each week – it’s a nice little way to get a break from couponing once in awhile!

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