My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Dollar General Trip!

I went to Dollar general on Friday to use my $5 off $30 DG Coupon along with some Gain coupons I’d been holding onto…. and it was…. horrific!  Sure – I finally got out of there with a good deal on some things I needed, but the cashier was elderly and un-wise to the ways of coupons.  Not to mention, the register had not been set to read the newer barcodes, so he had to manually type in a bazillion numbers.  His manager who came to rescue him was also not sure what to do, nor was he particularly receptive to my helpful suggestions ;)

All in all – I was at checkout returning, re-ringing and re-re-ringing my transaction for ONE HOUR before I got the heck out of there.  It was a HOT MESS!  Still – here’s what I got:

(7) Gain Dish Detergents – $1 ea *Used (7) $1/1 coupons
(6) Gain Dryer Sheets – $2 ea *Used (3) $2/2 Coupons
(2) Ragu Pasta Sauce – $2 ea *Used (2) $2 off Ragu + Clover Valley Pasta Tearpad
(2) Clover Valley Mac & Cheese Pasta – $.50 ea
(2) Brach’s Maple Nut Goodies – $1 ea *Used $1.50/2 Brachs COupon
(2) Airwick Candles (one not shown) – $2 ea *Used $2/2 Airwick Coupon

I gave my $5 off $30 first, and then the other $18.50 in coupons
Total = $6.50 + Tax for 21 items, or $.31 each!

I probably won’t be back to Dollar general for a long, long time – mostly because if those two cashiers ever see me again they might run for the hills :)  I hate feeling like “that coupon lady” when I haven’t done anything wrong or overly complex – don’t you?  What has your experience been at Dollar General??


  1. sue says


  2. Emily Adams says

    I use to work at Dollar General and I always felt bad for the people that tried to use coupons because corporate obvioulsy doesn’t want to spend the time nor money to update their computer system so you don’t have to manually type in the new barcodes. I always tried to do the best that I could, since I myself use coupons.

  3. Robin says

    I’ve also had a bad experience at a dollar store and rarely go there now because of it. I had a $1 off ANY TIDE coupon( did not say that it had to be any certain product like laudry soap, as tide has alot of products now) and they refused to accept it for a tide pen. No where in the fine print did it say that it had any product exclusions.

  4. Kelli Doyle says

    I don’t use coupons at the dollar general very often, but when I have used them, they have been really good about it. Someone mentioned their store not taking a $2/2 coupon because it has to be on 1 product, at my store, they do it manually and take $1 off each item. Other than Bilo, I always end up with a cashier who is horrible and just acts like I’m taking money from their pocket.

  5. Cindy says

    I went to DG with the reach toothbrush coupons and they wouldn’t scan The cashier elderly also said I would have to wait till the Manager came back which would be about an hour and maybe she could do something. The assistant manager came in while I was standing at the register and she couldn’t get the coupons to scan and told me I couldn’t use them because it stated $2 on 2 and it would have to be $1 on 1 toothbrush to work on their register????? I haven’t returned to DG since.

  6. melody h says

    My dollar general is great for the most part. The only thing is that they have to type the numbers into the register. They do need better programs in their registers for coupons. The cashiers at mine are wonderful! sorry you all had such bad experiences.

  7. Cyndi says

    I’ve quit shopping at Dollar General because it is always a hassle to use coupons there. Maybe we all need to contact their corporate office and let them know that they are losing business.

  8. christy says

    had to bad experiences at 2 different locations and one of the managers at one of them was rude to boot! :( i called corporate for one of the visits, and kindly explained to them what happened.

  9. says

    I love that you shared this story! I do have to admit that Dollar General is pretty old school when it comes to their coupon equipment ;) They almost always have to punch every coupon in and sometimes don’t even know how to do that! You got a great haul though!

  10. DH Mac says

    Dollar General is the worst!!! Even worse than Walmart. I don’t shop there with coupons at all any more. It’s just not worth it!

    • Jamie says

      DH – I might go back one day, but I think I’m giong to wait until their systems have caught up with the new barcodes :)

  11. ELAINE says

    I quit going to my Dollar General because they refused to take my internet coupons. The cashier looked at a particular coupon and then took it to the manager who also told me they couldnt take it. It was a $3 off Huggies diapers coupon and they retailed for $10. They wouldnt let me use but one coupon for Gain fabric sheet, one for All washing powder, one for dish detergent. They set a limit of one coupon per item. I emailed Dollar General but the only thing they did was have the supervisor call me to apologize. I am a single parent of two kids and couponing helps me survive. I shop Target instead. They are very friendly and curteous when I use my coupons and do more than one transaction.

  12. Samantha Bolin says

    You are very brave for attempting to coupon there! I remember going several months ago to use some $2 Nivea body wash coupons since theirs were only priced a little over $2…the cashier took the time to read the fine print on EACH of my coupons….even though they were the same! All while holding up the line. It stressed me out! lol.

  13. Wanda Cooke says

    I had pretty much the same experience. The manager finally had to come and check me out, and she was kind of rude on top of that. She blamed their antiquated old computer system for the problem they routinely have with the $5/$30 coupons. She said the other coupons worked okay. She commented that Dollar General started out as a Mom and Pop operation, and are still running on those out of date DOS operating systems. I couldn’t believe it? I have pretty much that the stress associated with trying to use these coupons is not worth the savings.

    • Jamie says

      Wanda – that’s why my guy said too – outdated system…. Seems like the coupons they’ve been pushing lately to get us in the door would come right alongside registers that would properly ring those coupons, eh?

  14. Barb Sandage says

    I had a very horrible experience on more than one occasion at ours. It seems the 5.00 off coupon, makes our cash register not accept any of the coupons. I had a line behind me of about 8 people standing there the last time and manager came up and she was mad and when they would not honor any of my coupons because the machine would not accept them and they would not enter them to be accepted, I politely told the lady to just cancel the transaction! If looks could kill I would be dead!!! I feel the same as you!!! I am afraid to even shop there with legal coupons as I had the last time.

    • says

      They always have to try several times to type in my coupons. They tried to say they couldn’t accept the ones I’d printed out, only the one in the sales insert paper. But at least they do try to take them. I was told by a Walmart clerk last week that he had been told to scan a coupon once and if the computer didn’t read it then he was to return the coupon to the customer and not try to re-scan it. Wait until a couple of customers walk out leaving their full buggies sitting there!

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