My Mum-Covered Pumpkin …. FAIL.

So I tried to do this mum-covered pumpkin project I saw on the Lowe’s site.  They were all “buy a big pumpkin or three or four – and then buy a whole bunch of mums – and then stick all the mums in the pumpkin!”  And I was all  “That will cost an arm and a leg and will die in a week.  I pity the fool!”

Remember?   And remember how I said I was just going to hot glue some fake mums onto a fake pumpkin and it would be just as good?

Well – unless picture #2 is what constitutes “just as good” – then I think we can safely call this a FAIL.

I was going to write “Nailed It!!!!!” on the second picture – but I was kinda scared someone would think I was delusional enough to think I really did nail it – and then mock me in private.  SO – here are some tips from me to you:

  1. When in the Dollar Tree looking at this tiny $1 carveable foam pumpkin and thinking to yourself “Wow.  This is really, really small.  Maybe I should just hold off on this craft for awhile….”  Listen to yourself and pass it on by.
  2. When picking out fall flowers to cover said tiny pumpkin with – don’t skimp and get only 2 stems like I did.  Because of this – I had to pull apart my measely assortment of fake mums, spread the petals flat while gluing – to cover more pumpkin – and burn my fingers 32 times in the process.
  3. When picking a pumpkin for this project – do pick one that is big and has a stem long enough to be noticeable and relate to the neighborhood that this is a pumpkin under these flowers – not a soccer ball or a hat or something.

To witness this Mumkin Fail rise like a Phoenix from the ashes – make sure you read the second part of this story:“The Little Mumkin That Could”


  1. Chantal says

    Jamie- I’m so proud of you for trying. I’m pretty “craftsy” and I wouldn’t even attempt that one..
    A+ for effort.

  2. Rena says

    Ok I think your wonderful just for admitting what you did. It’s funny to us I mean I am cracking up. But I have been there on more times than I want to admit so I feel your pain. A couple of weeks ago I was trying to sew something for my mother and it was a total FAIL.It really bothers me but you learn from your mistakes. and how do you know if you can do something if you don’t try.

  3. Elizabeth Blevins says

    I love this! I feel better knowing that I’m not the only one that fails at these so called “easy” projects! lol


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