My Gevalia Order Shipped! (FREE Coffeemaker on it’s way….)

Here’s the email confirmation I got!

Did you get in on that HOT Gevalia deal we talked about earlier this week?  (It’s still available!)  Well – I did, and I got my shipping confirmation in my email – I’m so excited!

My coffee-maker takes pride in spitting out disgusting coffee.  The “Start” button also thinks it’s funny to stick -so that when I hit start and then hop in the shower – it doesn’t start.  Which is disappointing when you think you’ll come downstairs to a hot pot of coffee and instead – you don’t.

So I ordered a couple boxes of Hazelnut and a couple boxes of French Vanilla (I’m not very adventurous) and got my FREE Gevalia 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker.  It’s all coming to me for just $9.99 SHIPPED.  It’s not too late – get your 2 Lbs of Coffee and a Coffeemaker for under $10 before this offer is gone!



  1. Karla says

    Is the number to call and cancel the subscription……1-800-GEVALIA? I didn’t have anything in the box with that information.


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