My FREE 8×10″ Photo Canvas – Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Woohoo!  The Free Photo Canvas offer is BACK and updated for Spring Head over HERE to make an 8×10″ Photo Canvas for free – and just pay shipping.  OR, you can get $35 Off a larger size.  Turning a special picture into a gallery-wrapped canvas makes a romantic gift for your sweetie.   Dig up a a lovey-dovey picture of you as a couple – and bring it back to life!

I ordered my FREE Canvas in the fall – and everyone that comes to the house comments on it.  Sure -it’s just a silly picture that my husband and I took of ourselves – but it’s perfect, because we’re very laid back and silly :)  This nicely balance out the giant collage of our kids in the living room.  It has a casual, modern look just leaning on top of a bookshelf – although you can hang it as well.


How to get yours – step by step:

1.) GO to CanvasPeople and Choose and upload the photo you would like printed

(TIP: If you want to greyscale it – do that with your own photo software before you upload it.  It costs money to have them do it)

2.) Choose what size. (8×10 is free + S&H, or get $35 off larger size)


3.)  Bypass any extras to keep the cost low, and then enter your shipping info

4.)  Pay the $14.95 shipping/handling (a GREAT deal for one of these!)

These photo canvases make great Christmas gifts, anniversary/wedding, and birthday gifts as well.  Get yours made NOW before it gets shoved back to the bottom of your To-Do list!


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