CVS Black Friday Freebies – No Coupons Needed!


All of this was FREE – without using any coupons!!

Today I took advantage of the CVS Pre-Black Friday Sale – and I’m going to be really honest here - I didn’t use a single coupon.  (Gasp!)

But I bet there are lots of you who are like me and want to run out to get these freebies, but just don’t have the time on a Sunday afternoon to get your coupons together.

If so, here’s a list of FREE items you can score at the CVS Black Friday Ad today that don’t require ANY COUPONS at all!


This is what I got today on the way home from church, it took about 10 minutes to grab them all and checkout because my store had them all up front for us :)

All of these items are FREE after Extra Care Bucks:

  1. CVS Brand Laundry Detergent 12-Load Bottle
  2. Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
  3. Sparkle Paper Towel Roll
  4. Glade Plugin
  5. *TWO* Starbucks Double Espresso Shot (Refreshers are also free – limit of 2 total)
  6. *TWO* Gum Toothbrush 2-Packs
  7. CVS Brand Pantiliners
  8. Advil Children’s
  9. CVS Brand Baby Wipes Travel-Pack
  10. Hershey’s Theater Box
  11. Hershey’s Single Candy Bar
  12. Orbit Gum
  13. 5 Gum
  14. Somnapure Natural Sleep Aid

To cut down on your out of pocket cost, you’ll want to do about half the group of items in the first transaction, and use those Extra Care Bucks to pay for the next group of items in the second transaction.  If you want to use those leftover Extra Care Bucks up right away – you can do like me and buy some things you needed anyway, like (5) Pepsi 2-Liters on sale this week for $.69 each :)  (Those will come in handy for Holiday Parties!)

Save any leftover ECB for next week’s CVS Deals.  Happy Shopping!  See the full CVS Black Friday Ad HERE for even more freebies you can get if you add coupons to the mix!

Now, I would really love to hear from a few of you how much you saved at CVS this week.  Let’s hear your trips!!!


  1. grace says

    I went to all three and found only carmex and candy at CVS, paid .90 cents and got $4 ECBs. I already had $3 ECBs going in. I then went to Rite Aid, did not find what I needed, the earbuds, got a rain check which are now printed from the register (pretty cool, eh!) bought the $5 remote and got the $5 UP, which I intend to use on the Tide this week with my $2 Tide coupons!! I has $2 UPs going in. My rite aid had all the black Friday stuff on a table which I thought was thoughtful. I then went to Walgreens (which also had all the black Friday items in one place and was well stocked), I bought stuff worth $35, paid $10.89 and got back $14.50 in Register Rewards!!! The stuff included, the Secret, Gillete, Colgate Toothpaste, Scunci and 2 Childrens Advil (which was a week long deal). Like you, I went on Saturday evening and I really just went to get what I really needed like the Children’s advil! Was a great drug store black Friday.

  2. carolyn says

    there was a post about a legos website for sending e-cards and some sort of donation went to military, but I can’t remember the website- anyone still have it? Thanks.


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